Raising children in a digital world

Cyberspace can be a daunting place for parents. After all, you can’t always watch what they’re watching. To help keep your kids safe, we’ve created the following checklist.

  • Don’t feel pressured into letting your child use technology like phones or games consoles if you don’t think they’re mature enough.
  • Watch over younger children whenever they’re online – especially kids under the age of ten.
  • Encourage your child to come to you if anything they see online worries or upsets them.
  • Talk to your friends, family and other parents about how they help steer their children’s digital behaviour.
  • Get involved with the same technologies as your child – stream music, download popular apps, set up a Facebook® account or play games online.
  • Try not to use technology as your child’s babysitter – it’s no substitute for quality time together.
  • Explain the importance of keeping some personal information off the internet. Cybercrime is real and online reputations can last a lifetime.
  • Make the most of built-in tools such as parental controls, SafeSearch options and privacy controls.
  • Remind older children that certain websites and apps may not be suitable for their younger siblings.
  • Set boundaries and rules, especially for younger children – their online reputation will follow them through life so it’s never too young to start.
  • Teach teenagers about difficult subjects like cyberbullying, sexting and copyright infringement.

Vodafone Guardian app

Android™ users can also download our Vodafone Guardian app. Vodafone Guardian is a free Android app for Australians that lets you decide who can call or TXT your child, when they can use their phone and whether they can browse the web, download apps or use the camera. Vodafone Guardian can be used on any mobile network in Australia.

Key Features

  • Set the times of day your child can use their phone for calling and web access.
  • Bar calls from numbers that aren’t in their contacts/address book.
  • Set the phone to only accept calls from friends and family.
  • Lock the Internet via browser; WiFi; or even certain apps e.g. YouTube.
  • Give your child the ability to choose whether or not to accept TXTs. Unaccepted TXTs are locked in a password protected archive.
  • Vodafone Guardian can be used on any mobile network in Australia.

Vodafone Guardian is only available for Android-powered mobiles. If you need help setting up, download the Vodafone Guardian user guide. Check out our support page for information and to see if your smartphone is compatible with the Vodafone Guardian app.

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Terms and conditions

The app is free to purchase however data charges may apply to download and operate the app. Data charges and text messages sent by the app will be charged in accordance with your mobile phone plan rates. Full functionality of the app requires network coverage.

See vodafone.com.au/coverage for Vodafone coverage details. Ensure you understand the features of the app prior to downloading. To download, you must have a compatible device. No LG Android devices are compatible. Android is a trade mark of Google, Inc.

Vodafone Guardian is provided by Vodafone Pty Limited ABN 76 062 954 554.

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