Stakeholder engagement forms the foundation of our corporate responsibility (CR) strategy. We know that as our business and the community evolve, new issues and concerns will emerge. We’re committed to working with all of our stakeholders to understand their expectations and needs. Establishing and maintaining lasting relationships with our communities is critical for the long-term sustainability of our business.

Our approach to stakeholder engagement is embedded right across our business. We engage in various ways as part of our normal business activities to understand issues of importance to our communities. We also conduct research at global and local levels to better understand our stakeholder views. We draw on this research and the experience of Vodafone Group to ensure we understand the most effective ways of communicating with our stakeholders.

In 2008, we held workshops with our people to drive our cross-functional CR agenda. By involving our people in setting our CR agenda and identifying key success factors and issues of importance to our business, we are able to ensure responsible decision making at all levels of our business.

For more information on issues that are currently material to our business and of concern to our stakeholders see our CR reporting.

Corporate responsibility dialogues
This initiative enables us to have more in-depth conversations with the people that have a real interest in particular issues. Focused dialogue helps us identify solutions to new issues and provides our stakeholders with the opportunity to influence our thinking. We call this initiative ‘CR dialogues’ and it involves:

• Identifying emerging issues that we believe require further debate. These are usually issues relating to broader social, environmental and corporate factors that impact on our relationship with society
• Commissioning and publishing relevant research so we can contribute to the debate and existing level of knowledge.

There is more than one point of view to any issue and sometimes achieving consensus can be difficult. We want to explore these issues fully and the opinions of others are therefore of great value. Our aim is to consider new ideas and stimulate debate. Through CR dialogue we hope to make our CR investment more effective and to help other organisations do the same by bringing together a wide range of informed views and experiences.

Topics covered by the CR dialogues to date include privacy and mobiles, stakeholder engagement and economic empowerment. For information on these and emerging dialogues visit our Vodafone Group CR Dialogue pages.