What is mobile advertising?

Traditional mediums such as billboard advertising are no longer providing the vibrancy, excitement and diversity that consumers are looking for.

Furthermore, today's marketing manager is looking for a tool that will help delivery campaign results, whatever the objective.

Mobile advertising from Vodafone really is making the most of now.

A revolutionary step in advertising

Vodafone Australia's Mobile Advertising Division is part of a VodafoneGlobal initiative, which makes available Vodafone's customer contact assets for third party advertisers.

The result is MAP – or Mobile Advertising Portfolio. MAP delivers a range of options: from simple banner ads on Vodafone's entertainment portal, Vodafone Central, to complete 360° end-to-end solutions. These can include:

  • Database acquisition
  • CRM, insights and creative services, backed by Vodafone's Mobile Advertising Charter
  • A do's and don'ts list protecting the consumer, and empowering the advertiser.

Contact us

For all Vodafone Australia mobile advertising enquiries please email sales@bigmobile.com