About Vodafone Foundation

Making charity work more accessible.

Vodafone Foundation is all about making charity work more accessible. We’re hoping to promote positive social change for the good of all Australians. We’ve been a registered charity since 2002, and so far have invested many millions in helping hundreds of charities and our community.

Just take a look at our World of Difference and App Aid programs to see how we’re giving Australians the opportunity to get involved in supporting charity, and read up on how we empower the team at Vodafone to get involved in supporting the community. As well as making charity work more accessible, we’re also proud to support Barnardos, Mission Australia, MMAD, and Youth Off The Streets with grants, and with Vodafone provided mobile technology – to better connect them with the disadvantaged and at risk youth that they help. You can find out more about this by clicking here

If you’d like to get involved with our programs, visit our World of Differenceand App Aid pages for more information, including the terms and conditions. To ensure we’re making the biggest difference with these programs, Vodafone Foundation is not currently accepting other applications for funding.

Vodafone Foundation Board

Vodafone Foundation’s Board is made up of senior staff from Vodafone Australia, including from marketing, HR and finance, as well as one independent director. The trustee board is responsible for the governance and financial management of the Vodafone Foundation, and for ensuring it delivers on its purpose and goals.