App Aid gives charities grant funding to support the creation of Smartphone apps to help the communities they serve. From the life-saving ‘Responder’ app for St John Ambulance, to the conversation-starting ‘Check In’ app for beyondblue, App Aid has enabled charities to leverage mobile technology to make a difference.

In 2015, we’re supporting two charities to launch apps for good.

Baker IDI will launch YoYo, an app that encourages Australians to reduce their inactivity to decrease the health risks associated with prolonged sitting.

We’ll also be supporting Hello Sunday Morning to develop an app that will let you join the Hello Sunday Morning community, access their award-winning three month program, set goals, change habits, plus track your alcohol, mood and fitness progress.

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beyondblue - Check In app

beyondblue’s 'Check-in' app aims to make it easier for young people to have important conversations with friends who they are concerned may be experiencing depression or anxiety.

It lets young people choose options to construct a step-by-step plan for approaching a friend they’re worried about.

beyondblue was able to launch this app after winning Vodafone Foundation's App Aid in 2013.

beyondblue was established in 2000 and is one of Australia’s leading mental health charities. The charity works towards creating an understanding of mental health issues amongst the Australian population and encourages people going through a difficult time to seek help and offers avenues to do so.

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St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance NSW - Responder app

St John Ambulance (NSW) won App Aid in 2012 and launched the Responder app the following year.

The life-saving app provides volunteers with instant access to tips, checklists and treatment guides to help make better decisions when treating patients in emergency situations.

The app is only available to St John’s volunteers.

Taronga Foundation

Taronga Foundation - Wild Witness app

Taronga’s Foundation’s Wild Witness app enables people living or travelling to South East Asia to report illegal wildlife trade. Users can take photos, pin locations and send any valuable information to TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade-monitoring network.

Taronga Foundation was able to bring the app to market following their participation in App Aid 2013.

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Animal Welfare League

Animal Welfare League - Adopt MeMe app

This app allows users to find pets that are available for adoption from the Animal Welfare League shelter, increasing the chances of the animal finding a forever home.

After taking part in App Aid 2012 Animal Welfare League launched the Adopt MeMe app to allow users to view, comment on and share various pets that are available for adoption.

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