Welcome to our 2014 participants

Three inspirational Aussies have left their day jobs to make a difference. They’ll devote their unique skills – and the next year of their lives – to charity, to help improve the health and wellbeing of other Australians. 

Annabelle Sims, Tanya Hanaee and Ed Morgan will spend the next twelve months working for the McGrath Foundation, the Fred Hollows Foundation, and Smiling Mind. 

With the help of Vodafone Foundation’s World of Difference, they’ll receive a salary from their chosen charity of $70,000, plus $15,000 to help cover the costs of doing their good deeds – and more good karma than they’ll know what to do with.

Annabelle Sims

World of difference - Annabelle Sims

Annabelle will be making a World of Difference with The Fred Hollows Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to treat and prevent avoidable blindness, particularly in Indigenous Australia.

Having grown up as close friends of the Fred Hollows family, Annabelle was inspired by the work of Foundation at an early age, and a visit to a Fred Hollows clinic in Nepal affected her deeply. Paid Charity Leave through the Vodafone Foundation has finally given Annabelle the chance to dedicate herself to the cause closest to her heart.

Annabelle’s primary goal is to secure funding and partners for a revolutionary new technology that will improve testing for diabetic blindness. She’ll also seek a new corporate partner to help support the Foundation’s sight restoring work, and strive to increase corporate team participation in Coastrek, a 55 km challenge along Sydney’s stunning coastline.

Get to know Annabelle and stay up to date with her achievements at the Vodafone Foundation blog page.

Here’s how you can get involved in helping Annabelle and the Fred Hollows Foundation:

  • Register a team for Sydney Coastrek 2015
  • Make a donation, or fundraise for the Fred Hollows Foundation
  • Become a volunteer

Visit hollows.org.au to find out more

Tanya Hanaee

World of difference - Tanya Hanaee

Tanya will make a World of Difference for Australian women with The McGrath Foundation. In addition to funding Breast Care Nurses around the country, the Foundation also aims to increase breast awareness in young women through its education program – Curve Lurve.

As a teacher, Tanya is passionate about the health of young Australian women. Her skills make her the perfect person to lead the roll out of Curve Lurve highschool program. Tanya will shape the Curve Lurve resources, making sure that this life-saving information is engaging and easy to understand. She’ll then reach out to high schools to get them started on the Curve Lurve program, which includes a Smartphone app.

Tanya’s efforts will educate young women about breast health and awareness, and how to access information and services as they get older. By increasing awareness about the importance of regular breast checks, she’ll help instill habits that will last a lifetime.

Get to know Tanya and keep up to date with her achievements at the Vodafone Foundation blog page.

Here’s how you can help Tanya and the McGrath Foundation:

  • Ladies – download and use the Curve Lurve mobile phone app
  • Volunteer at one of the McGrath Foundation events (like the Sydney Pink Test, or High Teas)
  • Run a fundraising event. Host your Own High Tea, Pull on Your Socks or Pink Stumps Day
  • Run a Curve Lurve session in your workplace

Visit www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au to find out more

Edward Morgan

World of difference - Edward Morgan

Ed will work with Smiling Mind to improve the mental wellbeing of Australians. Smiling Mind provides free web and app-based programs to help young people manage stress, anxiety and resilience. 

Ed took part in a Smiling Mind corporate program in his role with IBM, and was inspired to help other Aussies overcome mental barriers. 

First, Ed will raise money to develop an Android version of the Smiling Mind app. He’ll then use his skills as an IT Service Delivery Manager to build and launch it. He’ll also expand Smiling Mind’s corporate program, which provides tailored Mindfulness Meditation programs specific to the modern working environment, focusing on building concentration, boosting productivity and supporting healthy minds.

Get to know Ed and keep up to date with his achievements at the Vodafone Foundation blog page.

Here’s how you can get involved in helping Ed and Smiling Mind:

  • Download and use the iOS Smiling Mind app
  • Make a donation to help support development of the Android app
  • Participate in the Smiling Mind corporate program 
  • Share feedback and your experience of the app on the Smiling Mind website

Visit smilingmind.com.au to find out more