Welcome to our 2013 participants

In this the program’s 10th year, we’re funding the following four inspiring participants to take 12 months of Paid Charity Leave. Each participant receives a salary from their chosen charity of $70,000 and $15,000 to cover any expenses in doing their good deeds.

Juliette Wright

World of difference - Jackie

Juliette Wright will spend her Paid Charity Leave managing GIVIT in Brisbane.

GIVIT.org.au is a website that enables people to donate everyday items directly to those in need. GIVIT actively supports over 790 of Australia’s most trusted charities and by matching and connecting them to willing donors of everyday items.

Juliette has three main goals to make a World of Difference. She will launch a new initiative called GIVIT Kids which will promote philanthropy in youth to allow kids to donate things like their music or sport equipment to vulnerable, impoverished and isolated Australian children. She is also going to focus on fundraising to manage sustainable growth of GIVIT and finally will also work with the Vodafone team to design and build a mobile app that will assist in the speed and quality of goods that the public can offer to those in need.

Loren O’Keeffe

World of difference - Loren

Loren O’Keeffe will spend her Paid Charity Leave establishing the Missing Persons Advocacy Network (MPAN), based in Melbourne. (mpan.com.au)

MPAN will create awareness for Missing Persons in Australia and offer practical support to families with missing loved ones, so that this serious community issue can finally have the attention it deserves. 

Loren's brother Dan went missing in 2011, and having run the 'Dan Come Home' campaign since then, she knows how crucial public assistance is. The community support for Dan did result in a confirmed sighting, so she’s determined to enable other families of Missing Persons to implore the public so that they too can have warranted hope they’re not alone in their search.

Loren’s goal is to create a user-friendly web guide of what to do when someone goes missing, including downloadable templates for posters and media releases. She also plans to secure partnerships with corporate organisations and a variety of news outlets to provide a new communications platform to support the families of the 35,000 Australians who go missing every year.

Kat Armstrong

World of difference - Kat

Kat Armstrong will spend her Paid Charity Leave working for the Women in Prison Advocacy Network (WIPAN). (www.wipan.net.au)

Women in Prison Advocacy Network (WIPAN) is a mentoring program for women leaving prison. On average, 42.8% of women in NSW who have been convicted of a crime and imprisoned will re-offend. In stark contrast, 82% of women who have taken part in WIPAN’s mentoring program for one year or more, have not re-offended or returned to prison.

Having spent time in prison herself, Kat knows just how challenging it is to turn your life around after incarceration. On her release, she was mentored by two people, which had a huge impact on her life. Through their support, she completed her law degree and found employment. Keen to bridge the gap in services for other women affected by the criminal justice system, Kat co-founded WIPAN in 2007.

Kat’s World of Difference goal is to expand the WIPAN mentoring program from 50 to 200 women per year. She’ll also fundraise to ensure the sustainability of WIPAN’s services, and seek opportunities to educate the community and Government about the issues facing women affected by the criminal justice system.

Jackie Ruddock

World of difference - Jackie

Jackie Ruddock will spend her Paid Charity Leave as the first employee for The Social Outfit. (http://thesocialoutfit.org)

The Social Outfit will establish itself as a new fashion label, shop and café in Sydney's Inner West that provides education, skills and employment for young refugees and promotes the rich creativity of our refugee communities.

Jackie's goals are to bring her start-up strategy to life and open up the doors to The Social Outfit during her Paid Charity leave year. Her focus will be to develop the skills and talents of the young people from refugee backgrounds to create a local brand as well as to develop their education and employment opportunities.