Run your own branded or non-branded store with us.

Love operating your own small business? Passionate about exceptional customer service? Enthusiastic about the telco sales? Want to represent one of the world’s most recognisable brands? Then team up with us. Explore the potential to open your own Vodafone-branded store, or a non-branded store stocking our products and services.

Become a branded Vodafone dealer.

We’re looking for partners to operate Vodafone-branded stores across Australia, especially regional Australia in particular locations. If you already have a location where you’d like to open a store, give us a call and let’s discuss your plans. We’re constantly expanding our coverage, so this is a fantastic opportunity to take part in our growth. If you can provide exceptional customer service, we’ll provide signage, product, marketing, and training support.

Become a non-branded independent dealer.

Operate your own store under your own name, and have all the benefits of selling Vodafone products and services. It’s non-exclusive, so you can maintain your other revenue streams. We’ll provide you the support and knowledge you need to successfully sell all Vodafone products and services.

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