Machine to Machine

What is M2M?


Machine to Machine communication, commonly known as M2M or telemetry, connects communication-enabled remote machines or devices allowing key information to be automatically exchanged.

M2M enables thousands of devices to be simultaneously monitored and managed, providing information that your business can analyse and act upon. M2M covers a broad range of technologies and applications, which connect the physical world (machine or monitored physical conditions) to a back-end IT infrastructure.

Remote monitoring and management

Applications for all industry sectors

Vodafone provides M2M SIMs, tailored billing, a specialised M2M portal and connectivity to our network for M2M applications. It is now possible to link through Vodafone's network to almost any type of Vodafone approved module or modem in remote machines or devices;1 to critical information systems to gather field intelligence for use in process improvements, cost reduction, service innovation, and to gain competitive advantages. The potential for M2M is virtually unlimited with cost effective applications for every industry sector including:

  • Transport & logistics: GPS goods tracking
  • Manufacturing: Plant and field monitoring of machines and robots
  • Consumer products: Personal tracking, navigation, e-Readers, fitness monitors, digital photo frames, track and trace
  • Healthcare: Ambient assisted living, mobile ECGs, Alzheimer monitoring, patient sensors
  • Security & surveillance: Intrusion alarms, video surveillance, personal security, track and trace asset and fleet
  • Remote maintenance & control: Smart services, process automation, traffic control
  • Smart metering & utilities: Smart meters, smart grid
  • Point of sale & retail: POS terminals, real time payments, advertising, pay-per-print
  • Service businesses: Vending machines, lifts, escalators
  • Finance: Immediate payments, ATMs
  • Automotive: In-car navigation, accident response, connected vehicles, advertising, pay as you drive, manage supply chain deliveries
  • Environmental monitoring: Temperature and water monitoring, CO2 emission 

Ask Vodafone about M2M for your business

Vodafone is one of Australia's leading M2M technology companies.

We can advise you about M2M opportunities for your business both as a customer, and as a technology partner and provider. If you would like to discuss the potential of M2M technologies for your business call 1300 576 071 or send us your details via email to

Terms and conditions: 1. All Vodafone services are subject to device capabilities & network limitations & availability. A compatible 3G device is required to access 3G services. Devices which are U2100MHz or U2100/850MHz compatible but not U900MHz compatible will experience 3G coverage in metro areas (Vodafone's 3G Mobile Broadband (MBB) Standard Coverage area &, if available for the Device, Vodafone's 3G 850 MBB Coverage area) & 2G (2.5G GPRS or 2.75G Edge) in all other coverage areas. Broadband speeds and high bandwidth applications are only available in Vodafone's 3G MBB Standard Coverage area; &, if you have a U850MHz compatible device only, in Vodafone's 3G 850 MBB Coverage area; &, if you have a U900Mhz compatible device only, Vodafone's 3G MBB Regional Coverage area (however speeds will be slower in the 3G MBB Regional Coverage area).

See for coverage details and contact the manufacturer of the module or modem you intend to use with your M2M service to confirm its frequency. Vodafone Pty Limited ABN 76 062 954 554

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