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Samsung Galaxy S8.

Get 16GB total data with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

When you sign up to the $80 MyMix Red Data plan with the phone for $10.
That’s $90/month. 8GB included + 8GB bonus data. All for use in Oz. Over 24 months. Total min cost $2,160. Offer ends 30/06/17. T&C apply.
18GB total data

Get double data and $5 off.

With our $50 12 month SIM Only MyMix Red Data plan.
9GB included + 9GB bonus data. All for use in Oz. Over 12 months. Total min cost $600. Offers end 30/06/17. T&C apply.
iPhone SE.

The awesome iPhone SE.

Get $10 off access fees each month when you sign up to our $60 Red plan.
Over 24 months. $0 upfront phone. 32GB capacity. Total min. cost $1,440. Offer ends 18/07/17. T&C apply.
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