Enterprise Flat Rate - Cost control for voice and data

Our Vodafone Enterprise Flat Rate voice and data plan has made it easier to take stock of your business' expenditure. We give you cost predictability, simplicity and flexibility by creating a customised monthly plan based on your company's mobile voice and data usage all at one flat rate (usage thresholds applies).

As phone and data usage is constantly changing to meet the demands of an evolving world, we've created a new flat rate plan for businesses with 200 voice services or more that provides a fixed monthly price per-user for all your national voice and data usage.

Benefits at a glance

  • Gives you price predictability and clarity
  • No unexpected high bills
  • Tailor-made to the precise needs of your business and users
  • Releases resources that can be used elsewhere
  • Significant reduction in the effort required to manage mobility
  • Based on your usage and forecasting requirements
  • Makes it easier to control, manage and forecast your mobility spend
  • Flexible tariff that allows you to fix spend such as domestic voice and then add on additional services should you need them


Each employee uses their phone differently: resulting in unpredictable bills and a significant administrative burden.


Varying phone use can result in unpredicatability


The Enterprise Flat Rate combines all the usage together into an average profile which reflects the needs of the entire business (or a number of tailored profiles). We then set a flat price per user for this profile.


Reflecting business needs