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We help you stay connected with your colleagues and clients when you're out of the office. Our business email solutions ensure you have access to send and receive emails with attachments on your phone or tablet.

Email for smartphones or tablets

Mobilise your business communications with an email solution for your BlackBerry®, Android™, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone or tablet. These smart devices feature access to app stores including BlackBerry® App World, Android™ Market, Windows Marketplace and the App Store for Apple®.


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The BlackBerry® Service is a fully integrated solution that provides push email from your corporate or webmail accounts including Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! mail directly to your BlackBerry® smartphone. Equipped with automatic calendar and contact synchronisation, you'll have better visibility when you're away from your desk. The BlackBerry Email solution has advanced file compression for faster email delivery and with a Vodafone plan you can get unlimited email access via BlackBerry® Internet Service and BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution. 1


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All Android™ smartphones and tablets come equipped with Gmail by Google. Alternatively, you can download official apps from popular webmail providers using Android™ Market


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iPhone connects to Microsoft Exchange, so you can stay up to date with your business email, calendar, and contacts. iOS 4 allows users to set up multiple Exchange ActiveSync accounts, and now works with Exchange Server 2010, giving you more ways to securely access enterprise resources.


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iPad integrates with your company’s existing infrastructure thanks to built-in support for key enterprise technologies. Get secure access to email, calendar and contacts via Exchange ActiveSync or open standards like IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV. With support for IPSec and SSL VPN and WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi, users can also connect to private corporate networks.

Windows Phone

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Stay on top of that torrent of email — with Outlook Mobile, you can view only unread, urgent or flagged messages, or use conversation view to group messages by subject. If you've got lots of accounts, you can create linked inboxes to streamline things – like one for personal mail and one for work (the accounts stay separate). Then pin them to Start to keep tabs on the incoming mail.

Nokia non-smartphones


With Mail for Exchange you can sync your Microsoft Exchange email account to your Nokia phone and use your inbox, calendar and contacts on the go. This is a simple application that is easy to install that allows you to increase work efficiency by providing tools to quickly respond to customers, colleagues, and partners.

Terms and conditions: The applications depicted are indicative only and subject to change. A compatible handset is required and some applications are subject to network limitations and availability. Prices vary and are in addition to your plan access fees. Some applications may require a data connection which will incur additional changes.

1: Plan gives you infinite BlackBerry® data for use within Australia (BlackBerry® Internet Service (BIS) version only excludes BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution (BES) version) which includes BlackBerry® Email and Internet browsing, BlackBerry® Messenger, BlackBerry® App WorldTM Facebook® and other official BlackBerry® applications, when accessed via the BlackBerry® APN. Vodafone's Fair Use Policy applies. Additional charges apply for some services which are not supported by BIS such as video streaming (eg YouTube) and single file downloads over 3 MB. Included voice value cannot be used for data. Additional mobile internet data usage rate is $0.25/MB (min 50KB session). Additional charges will apply for all BlackBerry data usage when roaming outside of Australia. See email and internet overseas for more details. Slower speeds (2.5G GPRS or 2.75G Edge coverage) will be experienced in 3G 900Mhz areas for devices that do not have the 3G 900Mhz band support as well as 2G devices that have no 3G band support (3G 2100/850Mhz or 3G 2100/900Mhz). See for details of devices and their frequencies. See for coverage details.Service subject to device capabilities, network limitations and customer location. BlackBerry® and the BlackBerry® logo are registered trade marks of Research in Motion Limited are used under licence.

All Vodafone services are subject to device capabilities and network limitations and availability. A compatible 3G device is required to access 3G services. Vodafone offers U2100Mhz, U850MHz and U900Mhz devices. Handsets which are U2100MHz or U2100/850MHz compatible but not U900MHz compatible will experience 3G coverage in metro areas (Vodafone's 3G Mobile Broadband (MBB) Standard Coverage area and, if available for the handset, Vodafone's 3G 850 MBB Coverage area) and 2G (2.5G GPRS or 2.75G Edge) in all other coverage areas. Broadband speeds and high bandwidth applications i.e. video streaming, video calling and music downloads, are only available in Vodafone's 3G MBB Standard Coverage area; and, if you have a U850MHz compatible device only, in Vodafone's 3G 850 MBB Coverage area; and, if you have a U900Mhz compatible device only, Vodafone's 3G MBB Regional Coverage area (however speeds will be slower in the 3G MBB Regional Coverage area). See for coverage details and for details of devices and their frequencies.

Some applications are subject to network limitations and availability. Excludes corporate email via Mail For Exchange, data charges apply. Prices vary and are in addition to your plan access fees. Some applications may require a data connection which will incur additional changes. International roaming is charged separately. Offer not available on all handsets. The applications depicted are indicative only and subject to change. Vodafone Pty Limited ABN 76 062 954 554

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