Come to the rescue in our Contact Centre

You know what it’s like when you call a big company, you want someone to sort your issues quick smart. That’s exactly what we do in the Contact Centre.

There’s over 700 of us in Kingston, Tasmania, and we’re absolutely focused on making our customers happy. We listen, we chat and we solve problems. It makes our customers feel good and we feel great, too.

We change things up to keep them interesting, we hang out after work and we chuck in some nice things like back rubs, fresh fruit and an onsite café and barista to keep you raring to go.

Contact Centre Careers

Customer Care show

No.1 problem solver

Someone needs help and they’re depending on you. You’ll use your nouse and charisma to help solve their problems and make them feel great. We want our customers to talk to us, and we want you to make their day.

Sales and Upgrades show

Get the blood pumping

Getting the sale is always about focusing on solutions that fit the customers’ needs. It’s tough, fast-paced and perfect for adrenaline junkies.


Social Media show

Connect with all sorts

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or forums, social media inspires revolutions. It’s a powerful medium that you’ll drive to keep our customers happy, quickly solve issues and celebrate our wins. 


Support Teams show

We need back-up

No one can do anything without great back-up. Whether it’s training the team, building future leaders, ironing out bugs in the system or making the business hum. There’s behind-the-scenes roles that share the glory and we have one just for you.