Download the DreamLab app.
Download the DreamLab app.

DreamLab uses your smartphone to fast track cancer research.

Sleep has always been good for you – but with the DreamLab app, it can be good for others too. With so many Australians affected by cancer, finding answers through medical research is incredibly important.
That’s where you and the DreamLab app come in. It’s a multi-award winning app that uses the processing power of your idle phone to help solve cancer puzzles while you sleep. Already, our nearly 100,000 users are helping DreamLab crunch data in half the time as Garvan’s supercomputer - forging a path towards personalised treatments for cancer.
For Vodafone Australia customers, the mobile data needed to use DreamLab is free. If you’re contributing over WiFi, you’ll be charged as per your WiFi plan. Roaming incurs international rates.
If you’re not with Vodafone Australia, you’ll use data from your mobile or WiFi plan. Don’t let that stop you though. DreamLab only uses small amounts of data and you can set a monthly limit.

Go ahead and download the DreamLab app from Google Play. Then charge your phone and rest easy, knowing you’re helping find new ways to treat cancer.


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For more FAQs and help, please visit our DreamLab support page.

How does it work?
Your Smartphone is a small but powerful computer. When it’s idle - like when you’re asleep at night - that power goes untapped. DreamLab puts that power to use for good to fast track cancer research. When it’s plugged in and charging, each phone is given a tiny research problem, processes it and sends the result back to the research team at Garvan. 

Will DreamLab use data from my mobile plan, or WiFi?
DreamLab will solve research problems when your phone is plugged in and charging.If your phone detects that WiFi is available, then DreamLab will work over WiFi. The default data contribution limit for WiFi is 250MB a month, but you can increase this in the app Settings. If WiFi is not available, then DreamLab will work over your mobile network, using data up to the monthly data contribution limit you have chosen (50MB, 250MB or 500MB). If you don’t want DreamLab to use your mobile data, you can set mobile data to off in the app Settings.

For Vodafone Australia customers, it’s free to use DreamLab on the Vodafone network in Australia (but if you’re also contributing over WiFi, you’ll be charged as per your WiFi plan).

For everyone else, you’ll be charged as per your mobile plan for the data you contribute. Just be mindful, DreamLab works on a calendar month, which might not be in sync with your billing cycle. You can see when your DreamLab monthly cycle will restart in the app settings. DreamLab will pause when you reach the monthly data limit that you’ve chosen. At this point, you’ll be given the choice to increase your data contribution, turn on WiFi, or do nothing and DreamLab will resume again the next calendar month.

Roaming incurs international rates, but Roaming is set to default off so DreamLab won’t work overseas unless you choose to turn it on.

Will it access private information on my phone?
The app requests access to photos, media, files permission in order to store Garvan’s tiny research problems whilst they are being processed and solved by your phone. DreamLab will only access the files it has created in the files directories. DreamLab does not need access to any of your private information or photos to be able to solve tiny research problems. For more information on privacy, please visit

Will it drain my battery?
No. DreamLab will only work when your phone is plugged in and charging.

Will it heat up my phone?
No. The app has been designed to only use a small amount of power from your phone.

Why is DreamLab not available on iPhone?
We are working to make DreamLab available on iPhone. We’ll keep you updated.

For more FAQs and help, please visit our DreamLab support page.

Terms and conditions

*A compatible handset is required. Downloading DreamLab will consume data. Once downloaded, DreamLab can be used when your device (i) is connected to a charging source and (ii) has mobile network or WiFi connectivity. Mobile data to use DreamLab is free for Vodafone Australia customers on the Vodafone Australia network. Roaming incurs international rates.