• Make the internet your playground.

    Share more, play more, hear more, do more.

    There’s more internet now than there was when you landed on this page. More photos, more news headlines, more sports, more music, more videos, more jaw-dropping awesomeness.

    That’s why we’ve built a lightning fast 4G network and have built our Red plans with heaps of data so you can discover everything the internet has to offer.

    Because we believe more internet is always better.

  • Lightning fast 4G.

    You’ve got the need. We’ve got the speed with our lightning fast 4G network. Faster than home broadband^ so you can do internet stuff quicker, snappier and faster than you ever imagined.

    We have 4G in heaps of areas around Australia, check out where.

    • Music in a flash.

      Download your favourite song in less than 3 seconds^. Try it out. 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi. Told you.

    • Stream like you mean it.

      Catching up on your favourite TV shows just got a whole lot easier when you’re on the go. Now, if only that guy on the bus would stop looking over your shoulder.

    • #upload #photos #fast

      Post baby’s first steps, Saturday night selfies or last night’s gourmet burger at speeds that’ll give you a new hairstyle.

    • Don’t lag behind.

      With lightning fast on your side there’s nothing to stop you messing about with angry birds, crushing candy or fighting off hordes of zombies with a vegetable patch.

    • Hey big ears.

      Smoothify your Spotify with the speed of our 4G.

  • Now covering 96% of all Australians.

    We’ve spent over a billion dollars to deliver better indoor coverage, faster download speeds and a stronger signal across Australia. In fact, we now cover 96% of all Australians. Check coverage in your area.

    And with HD Voice^, clarity of audio improves and background noise is reduced so you can be heard crystal clear. Check out the video.

    Feel closer to family and friends.

    Whether you’re flat out at the office or flat out on the beach, you can call your mates from across Australia and feel connected. And with HD Voice, it sounds like they’re right there with you.

  • Data Workout.

    All the data you want, to know how much you’ll need.

    When you're choosing a new plan, it's hard to know how much data you'll need. Stop guessing and know for sure with our Data Workout^.

    Grab a 12 or 24-month phone plan and use all the data you want for the first two months in Oz with no excess charges. Stream music, download apps, watch vids, surf, post, pin and tweet to your heart’s content.

    After the Data Workout we’ll let you know how much data you actually use so you can decide which plan is right for you.

    Learn more

  • Roam the world.

    What can you do on $5 a day overseas? Well you can use Google maps to get around London, search for the best pizza in New York, check-in from the Eiffel Tower or even get the party started in LA using your favourite Spotify playlist.

  • 30 days to fall in love.

    That’s right, we felt the need to say it even though we’re confident you’ll never need it. You have 30 days to fall in love with the new and improved Vodafone network and if you decide you don’t love it then just bring the phone back and only pay for what you’ve used^.

    Sound simple? That’s because it is!

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