Payment Alerts

Within 48 hours of receiving your bill payment, we can send you an email to confirm that we have received it. To receive Payment Alerts you need to receive your monthly bill by email. You can sign up to receive an email bill through My Vodafone.

Opting out

You can opt-out of Payment Alerts by entering your account number below. To find your account number, check your Payment Alert or monthly bill. The opt-out will take effect when we receive your next payment.

In opting out of Payment Alerts, you will still receive other alerts. These other alerts include:

Credit or debit card expiry alerts
If you pay your monthly Vodafone bill by direct debit from a stored credit or debit card, we'll advise you when your registered card is about to expire. You will receive this alert at the beginning of the month of expiry. Once you've received your new card you can update the expiry date anytime by visiting My Vodafone.
Payment unsuccessful
We understand there may be times when insufficient funds in your nominated account could prevent a direct debit from going through. If this happens, we'll send an email to let you know within 48 hours of the bank informing us. That way you can simply make a manual payment to keep your account up to date. Please be aware that a dishonour fee of $16.50 (incl GST) may still apply for unsuccessful payments.

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