Thanks for the memories

Our love affair with Australian cricket has given us the opportunity to give back in a meaningful way to our customers and also the sport. 

For us, we never wanted to stand for a just a logo on a jersey, or a bunch of banners whacked around the grounds. And over the last 11 years, with the full support of Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricket team, we’ve been spurred on to do just the opposite, to explore unchartered waters to add a bit of spice to the sport.

And spice we have. 

Who could forget the McGrath Cricket calendar? Where we tested the cheek (literally) of the Australian Test Team for the good of the McGrath Foundation… and what about Vodafone Kiss Kam? Where we had fans puckering-up all summer-long for the TV cameras?

Dunk-A-Pom was a personal favourite, where we created the perfect environment for Australian fans to really stick it to the poms during the Vodafone Ashes.

We’ve also used our bread and butter- mobile technology- to bring fans closer to Australia’s favourite sport. Our Cricket LIVE App and Vodafone Viewers Verdict continued to have a strong-run rate with fans this summer, even after so many years.

For us it’s been an absolute privilege and honour to be the major sponsor of Australian Test cricket for the last 11 years.

We hope fans have enjoyed being part of our endeavours to bring them closer to the sport. We know summer-time just won’t be the same. 

We wish Cricket Australia and the Australian Test Cricket team every success in the future.