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International roaming rates

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Red Roaming


$5 extra per day to use your Australian plan inclusions


Vodafone Traveller

Enjoy these great rates when opted in to Vodafone Traveller.  Haven't already opted-in?  Do it for free at My Vodafone.

Prepaid Vodafone Traveller

Enjoy these rates with Prepaid Vodafone Traveller. Roaming is automatically active on prepaid services and is ready to be used overseas. You can view or change your setting at My Vodafone.


Activate International Roaming in My Vodafone.

Still on Vodafone World?

Some of you may still be on Vodafone World. Click here for information on Vodafone World, please note these rates will be changing on 23 April 2014.


Country Network Details


Our international rates are changing.  Click here for details.

View the finer details of our Vodafone international roaming offering in our Terms and conditions.