What is overage?

Overage is the amount of data usage that exceeds your plan's data allowances

We’ll let you know when you are reaching 50%, 85% and 100% of your data allowance with a Vodafone Alert. You can also easily add a Data Add-on or Booster via My Vodafone to help avoid paying overage. Overage rates are charged on all plans, check out the terms and conditions of your plan for further information.

When does your smartphone or Tablet use data?

You use data every time you access the internet on your smartphone or Tablet. This could be via an app, or the browser. To help avoid unexpected costs there are two important things you need to know.

  1. You can track your data usage anytime by downloading the My Vodafone app*, and if you haven't already done so, register for My Vodafone.
  2. We also provide Vodafone Alerts to most customers, which provides a handy reminder when you're at 50%, 85% or 100% of your plans inclusions.

Which activities use the most data?

There are apps available which can help identify which services are using the most data. You can also access helpful information if you are registered for  My Vodafone and on the Your Bill Explained pages.

How to minimise data usage

One of the best ways to help avoid data overage is by keeping on top of your data usage via Vodafone Alerts and if you feel that you need more data, click on the link to buy a monthly recurring Data Add-on^ or a one-off Data Booster~

Customise with Add-ons


Add a Data Add-on to your Vodafone plan and enjoy more possibilities on your smartphone. Download apps, stream music, email on your phone and surf for longer^.

Important information

* The applications depicted are indicative only and subject to change. Standard data charges will apply for any external links accessed via the My Vodafone App. Vodafone gives no warranty that the content or any other information accessed using the My Vodafone App will be available at all times or that the My Vodafone app will be free of errors, omissions or defects. A compatible handset is required and the My Vodafone App is subject to network limitations.

^ Approved customers only. Included data expires after 1 month and only for use in Australia on Vodafone’s network. Minimum monthly spend and, for 12 Months Add-ons, early exit fees applies. For Month-to-Month: Must connect for one full bill cycle. Recurring monthly access fee charged until the end of the bill cycle in which you discontinue the service. Additional data usage: 10c per MB. All data charged per 1KB. 

~ Available to approved customers only. Included value in a Data Booster expires at the end of the monthly billing cycle for selected Postpaid Mobile Plans and Mobile Broadband Plans. Only for use in Australia on Vodafone’s network. A one-off fee applies. The one-off fee and included data are not prorated when purchased during the monthly bill cycle. Additional data usage is charged at the additional usage rate of the Data Add-on (if customer has a Postpaid Mobile Data Add-on) or at the additional usage rate of the Postpaid Mobile plan (if no Data Addon) or Mobile Broadband plan.

Broadband service: Quality of some services may vary depending on location, device capabilities and network limitations. See vodafone.com.au/coverage for details.

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