Vodafone Cover me Mobile Insurance application

Insurance for your mobile phone

It’s easy to purchase insurance online for only $11.00 inc GST per month to cover you against the risk of theft, loss, or accidental damage, but there are a few things you need to know first:

  • You must be an existing Vodafone postpaid voice customer
  • You must have purchased your phone or tablet from Vodafone within the last 30 days
  • If you're upgrading a phone or tablet, and it takes more than 30 days to arrive, you can still add insurance for up to 14 days after shipping
  • Your phone or tablet must not be lost or stolen and must also be in working order when you complete this form
  • Understand the Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Service Guide (PDS & FSG) that includes all the terms and conditions of the policy
  • Understand what is covered and what is not covered.

If you wish to make an insurance claim click here.

Account holder details

Insured mobile device details

  • To find your IMEI number, press *#06# on your mobile.

    iPad: Settings/General

    Samsung : Settings/ About device/view the Android version number.

    BlackBerry Playbook: use the Serial Number under Settings/About/General

  • Forgotten your PIN? Call 1555 from your Vodafone mobile


Duty of disclosure

What you must tell us

When answering our questions, you must be honest and you have a duty under law to tell us anything known to you, and which a reasonable person in the circumstances, would include in answer to the question. We will use the answers in deciding whether to insure you and anyone else to be insured under the policy, and on what terms.

Who Needs to Tell Us

It is important that you understand you are answering our questions in this way for yourself and anyone else who you want to be covered by this policy.

If you do not tell us

If you do not answer our questions in this way, we may reduce or refuse to pay a claim, or cancel a policy. If you answer our questions fraudulently, we may refuse to pay a claim and treat the policy as never having been in place.