Voicemail is your personal answering machine linked to your mobile phone that answers your calls when you can't

When your mobile is switched off or in use, Voicemail greets your caller and takes their message. As soon as you're contactable again, Voicemail lets you know you have messages, by a Ring Alert, TXT message or the 'new voicemail' badge on your Apple® iPhone® (Visual Voicemail).

Keep it personal: it's your voice that callers want to hear. Personalise your Voicemail with your own greeting.

To set up Voicemail, just call 121 from your mobile and follow the prompts.

If you opt out of voicemail, your calls will be answered by our free network feature, Call Catcher. Click here for more information on Call Catcher.

Got an iPhone? iPhone customers can take advantage of Visual Voicemail. Click here for more information.