Enjoy the freedom with SIM Only mobile phone plans.

Get first month half price access fees on all 12 and 24 month SIM Only plans.

Data for use in Oz. Excludes mobile broadband and Business plans. Offer ends 26/01/16. T&C apply.

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Our SIM Only plans give you all the data, standard national calls and TXT you want to use in Australia. You can choose your perfect SIM Only plan from our Month to Month, 12 month and 24 month options. All Month to Month and 12 month SIM Only plans are now shareable and for every new plan you add, you’ll get 500MB bonus data in Oz. You can add up to 9 plans to receive a total 4.5GB bonus data to use within Australia.
Terms & conditions

Included standard international minutes
Excludes Premium services and video calls. Standard Voice Calls to selected list of countries. Countries may change from time to time, see vodafone.com.au/internationalcountries for list of current countries. Fair use policy applies. See www.vodafone.com.au/aboutvodafone/legal/fairusepolicy. Additional mins to selected countries automatically added at $6 per 60 mins. For all other country rates see vodafone.com.au/idd.

Infinite standard international calls to 10 countries
Excludes premium services and video calls. Countries are China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, NZ, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, UK and USA. Personal use only. Fair use policy applies. See www.vodafone.com.au/aboutvodafone/legal/fairusepolicy.

Included Data
Extra data automatically added at $10/GB. Services subject to device capabilities, network limitations & customer location.

$5 Roaming
Only available to eligible customers for use in selected countries. $5 Daily Charge is in addition to your minimum monthly spend. Customers who join or change to an eligible Plan with Vodafone from 23 April 2014 will automatically be opted into $5 Roaming. All other eligible customers must opt-in. Excludes Vodafone to Vodafone minutes for non Red Plan customers. Full details of rates, countries and exclusions are available in the full terms and conditions. Vodafone $5 Roaming may be used for a max 90 days in any calendar year. Opt-out at any time, visit MyVodafone.com.au/ or call 1555. All roaming services are subject to network availability. Offer ends 1 December 2016, unless extended.

Vodafone Shared
Up to 9 Vodafone Shared Plans allowed. Min monthly spend: $30, $40, $50, $60, $80 (Red SIM Only month-to-month plans); $40, $60, $80, $100, $130 (Red Plans); $25, $38, $45, $60, $85 (Red SIM Only 24 month Plans); $10, $20, $30 (Shared Data Plans) + any device repayments. Early Exit Fee: (Primary Plan Min monthly spend + any Shared Plan Min Monthly Spend/s + any device repayment/s) x months left on contract. $6 per 60 mins for selected country overage rate applied automatically once any IDD inclusion exhausted. See Included Countries for full details. Infinite standard international voice calls are only shareable if available on Primary Plan. Included countries remain unchanged by sharing. Shared Data Plans include access to shareable data only - all non-data usage is excluded and will be charged an additional fee. If Primary Plan is disconnected any Vodafone Shared Plans attached will be cancelled.

Bonus 500MB
Bonus data forfeited if Shared Plan cancelled or no longer shared with Red Plan.

First month half price access fees on 12 month and 24 month SIM Only plans
Personal use only. Offer available to approved new or upgrading customers who sign-up (excludes rate plan change) to any Vodafone Red SIM Only 12 or 24 month voice plan via shop.vodafone.com.au. Offer excludes business plans. Discounted access fee available for first month only and applied as an account credit. For months 1, min monthly spend is $10, $12.50, $15, $19, $20, $22.50, $25, $30, $40, $42.50 (for the $20, $25, $30, $38, $40, $45, $50, $60, $80, $85 plans respectively). From month 2 onwards, min monthly spend is undiscounted plan access fee. Early exit fee = undiscounted min monthly spend x months remaining on contract. Offer not transferrable or redeemable for cash.