iPad network setup guide

Network setup instructions for your iPad

For your Apple iPad to successfully connect to the Vodafone network, it must have the correct APN setting. The following table outlines each plan type and the correct APN setting for each.

Plan type iPad plan: 
If you pay monthly (Postpaid)
Prepaid iPad service Prepaid MBB service
SIM card Micro or Nano SIM Micro or Nano SIM  Normal sized SIM manually cut down
APN live.vodafone.com  live.vodafone.com  vfprepayMBB 
Action required  No action required. Default APN on device.  No action required. Default APN on device. Manually change the APN on the iPad using the steps below.

Instructions for a Prepaid MBB service in an iPad

If you have a normal Prepaid MBB SIM which has been cut down to fit into your iPad you will need to change the setting manually. Please download the setup instructions.

Instructions for a Postpaid iPad which has not received the “Carrier Settings Update”

If you have not accepted the “Carrier Settings Update” from Apple (available after 11 May 2013) please download and follow these setup instructions.

Network guarantee

We want you to be happy on our new network, so we're giving you a guarantee.