Vodafone phishing email notice

Beware of fraudulent emails (19/12/12)

We’ve recently become aware of a fraudulent Vodafone email that is currently in circulation. Please be aware that this email contains a virus, and is not from Vodafone. The following characteristics will help you identify the fraudulent email that has the subject line; “Thanks - Your payment has been received”:

  • It requests the recipient to open an attached zip file (there is no zip attachment in the legitimate email).
  • Two exclamation marks are present where the customer’s name should be, following the “Dear” salutation.
  • It is often received by non-Vodafone customers (the legitimate emailshould only go to Vodafone customers).

This email is not genuine, contains a virus, and should be deleted as soon as possible.

A sample of the email is shown below. Should you receive this or any similarly worded emails please send a copy of this email to spam@vodafone.com.au.

Example of fraudulent email:

  Phishing email example