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*Application features subject to change. The App is free to purchase, however, standard data charges will apply to download it, to access any external links via the App and if used outside Australia. A compatible handset is required and the App is subject to network limitations. Information accessed using the App may not be available at all times or free of errors, omissions or defects.All Vodafone services are subject to device capabilities & network limitations & availability. Vodafone 3G services include but are not limited to mobile broadband, internet, email, apps, downloading, video streaming and video calling. A compatible 3G device is required to access 3G services. Vodafone 3G works on three different 3G network zones: U2100MHz, U850MHz and U900MHz. You can reach Broadband Speeds within these areas when you have a handset which is compatible to that particular zone/s. Broadband Speeds not available in any 2G area. Actual speed achieved varies depending on factors such as device capabilities, location & network congestion. See vodafone.com.au/coverage for coverage. Vodafone Pty Limited ABN 76 062 954 554.

Prepaid Cap Free Data (Up to 500MB Free)
Free data only for recharges made online, via My Vodafone App or via TXT.

Pay As You Go 10% Bonus Credit
Bonus credit only for recharges made online, via My Vodafone App or via TXT. Bonus credit amount is an additional 10% of included credit allowance of recharge purchased.