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  • Nokia Lumia 925
    Offer Includes
    • Infinite standard minutes in Oz Includes 13/1800 numbers
    • 1.5GB data for use in Oz
    • Offer ends 21/03/2014. T&C's apply.

      Terms and Conditions

      Inclusions expire after 1 month. For personal use only.

      Approved customers only. Minimum monthly spend is $65. Early exit fee: $65 x months left on contract plus any handset payments.

      Included Value: Excludes some other services. Charges apply for additional usage.

      Special numbers are: Premium numbers, 123 Ask us anything, Re-routed calls and calls to National (1223) and International (1225) Directory Assistance.

      Infinite TXT: Use on standard TXT only. Special numbers & services like premium TXTs & competitions cost extra.

      Included Data: Any extra data is $0.10/MB (charged per kB).Services subject to device capabilities, network limitations & customer location.

      Voicemail: Only calls made to 121.

      4G devices:  4G available to customers with a 4G device, who have either an eligible 4G plan, or who have a current (4G) Data add-on added to any plan with Vodafone Alerts. The Vodafone 4G network has launched with coverage in selected major metro areas of Sydney and Perth, with some coverage in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong. Coverage will increase throughout the year, so check out the coverage checker on for the latest network information.

      Broadband Availability: Unlocking fee may apply. Broadband service: Some Vodafone 4G, 3G+ and 3G services are mobile broadband, internet, email, apps, downloading, video streaming and video calling. You can use Vodafone 4G if you have an eligible phone plan and have been switched over to the 4G network. To use 4G and 3G+ you’ll also need a compatible device and be in a selected major metropolitan area. Outside these areas, you can still get Broadband Speeds in our 3G areas with the right device. To check this, make sure your device is compatible to the network zone you are in (U2100MHz, U850MHz or U900MHz).

      Remember that actual speeds you reach will vary depending on things like device capabilities, location & network congestion. See for more info.

      Click here for full terms and conditions.

      Vodafone Pty Limited ABN 76 062 954 554.

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    Nokia Lumia 925

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    $ 65 Red

    Over 24 months

    Total min. cost $1,560

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Additional data use in Australia costs 10c/MB.