Reducing carbon emissions

Responsible energy use is a core part of Vodafone’s sustainability strategy. Since 2004 we’ve calculated how much energy we use annually and we publicly report on our carbon emissions.

We share best practice approaches to carbon management with Vodafone Group operating companies.

How we manage energy and carbon emissions

We work towards identifying, assessing and implementing carbon management and energy efficient initiatives.

Some of these include:

  • The installation of hundreds of energy ‘smart meters’ on our mobile network so we can better understand and manage our energy use
  • Working with our network partners to install more efficient equipment and using innovative network site design to improve energy performance
  • Installing passive fan-cooling systems to reduce reliance on energy-intensive air conditioners to keep our network equipment cool
  • The installation of solar power on some of our network sites with the aim to increase our use of alternative energy sources where possible in the future