Community engagement

As our network continues to expand and evolve, we want to minimise the impact it has on communities.

We are committed to engaging in good faith and working closely with local communities to balance any concerns about network infrastructure with the growing demand for fast, reliable mobile coverage.

We put these principles into practice in a number of ways including:

  • Compliance with international and local safety and planning guidelines.
  • Implementing and building on agreements to share network infrastructure with other mobile network operators that are designed to reduce the number of total network sites required.
  • Participating in industry and government forums that are relevant to mobile network deployment and management, specifically those that focus on the development and implementation of the Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Industry Code
  • Ensuring staff, contractors and network partners use best practice governance, procedures and instruction when engaging with communities from the planning and acquisition of sites through to the construction and maintenance of base stations.
  • Adopting a leadership role within our industry to deliver best practice approaches to sensitive network deployment.
  • Minimising the visual impact of our facilities where possible through innovative design solutions.

If you have a query about a Vodafone network site in your area, or would like more information on our approach to responsible deployment please contact our National Community Relations Manager on 1300 302 703 or