Whistleblower Policy

At Vodafone, we’re strongly committed to fostering a culture where you feel safe to speak up about matters that concern you or if you suspect something is not right. Our whistleblowing program encourages and provides an avenue for all employees, suppliers and business partners to act if you have concerns about illegal, unethical or improper conduct.

It is the duty of our employees, suppliers, contractors and business partners to report any breach of our Code of Conduct, including dishonesty, corruption, fraud, labour and human rights concerns, environmental damage or any other unethical behaviour. This Whistleblower Policy outlines how you can make a report, how we investigate and deal with improper conduct, and how we will support and protect you throughout this process.

If you are not comfortable reporting a matter internally, wish to remain anonymous or feel as though no action has been taken regarding a matter you have already reported, you may contact our external independent whistleblower service by:

  • Calling the dedicated number 1800 500 956.
  • Submitting a form via a secure online facility.
  • Sending a letter via post to The FairCall Manager, KPMG Forensic, PO Box H67, Australia Square, Sydney NSW 1213
  • Sending a fax to +61 2 9335 7466


Check out our Whistleblower Policy .