Critical Information Summaries

Critical Information Summaries contain the key details of all our plans so that you can compare the inclusions and choose the plan that's best for you. Each CIS contains the plan inclusions, the contact length and the early exit fees.

Plans prior to 22 February 2013 may not be available.

You'll require Adobe Reader® version 5 or later to view or print a PDF file. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader from the Adobe website.

Early Exit Fees

Early Exit Fees (EEFs) do not apply if you signed up to a Red Plus Plan or Red Plan with a Mobile Payment Plan (MPP) for a phone. They also do not apply if you signed up to a Data Plan or a Data Plus Plan for a tablet, or a Data Plan for a modem. However, you will have to pay 100% of your remaining MPP instalments if you cancel your plan.

EEFs apply if you signed up to a 12 month SIM Only Plan, 12 or 24 month Red Plan, or 12 or 24 month Mobile Broadband Plan. In this case, your EEF will be calculated at 50% of your minimum monthly spend x months left on your contract + any device payments.

If you are on one of our older plans, your CIS might have our old EEF listed. This was calculated at 100% of your minimum monthly spend x months left on your contract + any device payments. However, please note that the above EEFs will be applicable instead. EEFs for 24 month Tablet plans (sold through to 25 June 2018) are calculated at 65% of your minimum monthly spend + any applicable device cost x months left on contract.

Additional Data Rollover

If you use all of your plan’s included data, we’ll automatically add 1GB for $10 to keep you going in Australia (excluding Plus Plans). Automatic additional data is available on phone plans launched from 2 July 2014 and Mobile Broadband plans launched from 13 August 2014. From 18 October 2017, this additional data will now roll over to the end of your next billing cycle.

Finding your Critical Information Summary

For mobile phone, tablet and mobile broadband plans, you can find your plan name and start date on your bill. Alternatively login to My Vodafone and select the 'Change your plan' link in the 'Manage your account' section. Your current plan name will then be displayed. For a Prepaid mobile service, you can find which plan you are connected to by calling 1511 from your Vodafone mobile.

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