Marketing terms and conditions

1. I agree that Vodafone may use the email address and other personal information I have provided to Vodafone to undertake market and product analysis.

2. I understand and agree that Vodafone may contact me or send me information about new developments, products, services and special offers by post, telephone or by any form of electronic message (including TXT, PXT, Video PXT, email, WAP and the world wide web).

3. Despite s18(1) of the Spam Act 2003 (Cth), I agree and acknowledge that any message Vodafone sends me will not contain an unsubscribe facility. I understand that I can, at any time, opt out of receiving marketing material by contacting Vodafone Customer Care.

4. I agree and acknowledge that if I opt out of receiving marketing material, Vodafone will remove me from its electronic message marketing distribution list, however this removal may take up to 5 business days to take effect. I acknowledge that this means I may continue to receive electronic messages from Vodafone for up to 5 business days after the date of my request to be removed from the electronic message marketing distribution list.