While connectivity and access to the internet has brought many benefits, it also has a dark side. Cyber safety requires being smart online.

  • Use strong passwords and ensure your PIN is not readily identifiable or easy to guess (e.g. don’t use 1234, 9999 or your birthday)
  • Be aware that some apps have access to a lot of your personal information. Make yourself aware of what information your apps have access to, whether you can turn off that access, or if there is an alternate app that does not require as much access to personal information.
  • Only use apps from trusted providers.
  • Don’t share logon details or passwords with anyone. Use a PIN to protect access to your handset and we recommend you use one of the many available security apps, but only from a well-known provider.
  • Be careful responding to communications from people or organisations you aren't familiar with.
  • Set social networking profiles to private.
  • Don’t accept friends or follow requests from people you don’t know.
  • Don’t post your travel plans online.
  • Be careful with links embedded in emails, some can carry malware that may damage your device, or steal your data.

Make yourself aware of scams by visiting Scamwatch and by subscribing to the Australian Governments alert service.

You can also add selected Norton™ products to your Vodafone bill to help secure your data, protect your privacy and stay safe against online threats.

For further information you can also visit the Australian Government's cyber security website.