Raising children in a digital world

Cyberspace can be a daunting place for parents. After all, you can’t always watch what they’re watching. To help keep your kids safe, we’ve created the following checklist.

  • Make the most of parental controls and monitoring features with appropriate software.
  • Don’t feel pressured into letting your child use technology like phones or games consoles if you don’t think they’re mature enough.
  • Watch over younger children whenever they’re online – especially kids under the age of ten.
  • Encourage your child to come to you if anything they see online worries or upsets them.
  • Talk to your friends, family and other parents about how they help steer their children’s digital behaviour.
  • Get involved with the same technologies as your child – stream music, download popular apps, set up a Facebook® account or play games online.
  • Try not to use technology as your child’s babysitter – it’s no substitute for quality time together.
  • Explain the importance of keeping some personal information off the internet. Cybercrime is real and online reputations can last a lifetime.
  • Make the most of built-in tools such as parental controls, SafeSearch options and privacy controls.
  • Remind older children that certain websites and apps may not be suitable for their younger siblings.
  • Set boundaries and rules, especially for younger children – their online reputation will follow them through life so it’s never too young to start.
  • Teach teenagers about difficult subjects like cyberbullying, sexting and copyright infringement.