Speed up your Internet of Things deployments with the EC1100 Modem.

IoT turns assets into intelligent devices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way businesses all over the world operate, grow and satisfy their customers. IoT connects machines, devices and objects to the internet, turning them into ‘intelligent’ assets that communicate with the world around them. In essence this technology opens up a range of exciting possibilities for businesses regarding how they operate, how they grow, and how they can provide superior customer experience. By analysing relevant data and immediate feedback on how your assets are being used, you can improve performance and reduce your costs. This is a technology revolution that we want to help you be a part of.

Why choose Vodafone for your business?

As part of one of the world’s largest mobile networks, impressive technology and a modular future-proof design, Vodafone has a long track record of success in IoT. Vodafone has capability to offer end to end IoT solutions including hardware, connectivity and applications. Moreover, the Vodafone Global Platform developed by us features best-in-class technology. As a single control point for all your IoT connections worldwide, you can activate, suspend and deactivate all Global SIMs at the click of a button. There’s only one tariff to monitor and one IoT supplier to manage, so you can plan and budget more accurately. The ultimate result is an IoT solution that is easy to set up and can be deployed by interacting with a single point of contact at Vodafone.

Learn more about Vodafone IoT solutions and what we can bring to your business on our global site.


What’s trending in IOT?

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4G available with a 4G device, and plan with Vodafone Alerts. 4G in selected cities in Australia. Use our network coverage checker here to find out where 4G is available.

Broadband service:
You can use Vodafone 4G in 4G areas if you have an eligible plan and device. 4G in selected cities in Australia. Outside these areas, you get Broadband Speeds in our 3G areas. Check your device is compatible to the coverage areas you will use. Actual speeds vary due to things like device capability, location & network congestion. Use our network coverage checker here to find out where 4G is available.