What is Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things, or IoT, utilises machine to machine communication and enables users to track, activate or monitor assets.
IoT opens up a range of exciting possibilities for businesses – it has the potential to revolutionise how your business operates, expands and services your customers. This technology can help to develop innovative new businesses and transform existing businesses.

How can IoT technology benefit your business?

Increase productivity

Make your assets work smarter by connecting and tracking them.

Minimise costs

Utilising your assets only when you need them.

Data driven decisions

Understand your business better with actionable insights based on real time data.

Analyse trends

Stay ahead of the curve and see what’s happening now and in the future.

Vodafone – Pioneers in IoT

Vodafone has been rated as a global leader in IoT by technology analysts.
We have over 76 million IoT connections in more than 150 countries, with this number growing daily. Vodafone globally has more than 20 years of IoT experience. We have the largest mobile telecommunications network in the world and can provide a SIM and global service desk under a single tariff. Vodafone also offers 4G LTE roaming in over 100 countries. We are pioneers in Narrowband-IoT connectivity, which is enabling a whole generation of new IoT devices.
Vodafone provides a single, global customer support desk for IoT terminals and connectivity. You’ll get an end-to-end service with a single contract for hardware, connectivity and shipment to a variety of destinations, simplifying your supply chain. Vodafone provides a range of professional services that help you rapidly deploy your IoT applications, and simplify the management of your solution.
Vodafone can offer you a complete IoT solution on a global scale.

Why choose Vodafone IoT?

Security support

Get peace of mind with extensive security support. Help keep your customer data safe from potential threats.

Best solution for you

We’ll help you find the right solution and you’ll only pay once your system is up and running.

Dedicated support

A dedicated team will help you move from design, right through to installation and into running an 'in-life' system.

Proven expertise

We’re a global leader in IoT with more than 76 million IoT connections worldwide and 1,400 IoT experts.

Vodafone IoT Barometer

We’ve been publishing our Vodafone IoT Barometer since 2013. Reflective of our commitment to IoT and our position as an industry leader and global leader, this report gives valuable insight on the everchanging state of the market.
Check out our latest Vodafone IoT Barometer.

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