Your experience with Vodafone is important to us

To help serve you in the best possible way, we'd welcome your feedback on what you like about us and what we can improve.

Rest assured we do listen and we do regularly take action on your feedback. In future we'll be sharing some of the initiatives that are a direct result of your feedback.

Here's how it works

After interacting with us either in a store or over the phone, you may be contacted by us to participate in a quick survey.

We may also contact you periodically after one of the original surveys or if you’re an active user of the network.

  • Survey participants are selected randomly and happen soon after your interaction with us so that your experience is still fresh in your mind.
  • Surveys are done via TXT messages or email and usually take less than five minutes to complete. It's completely free to participate while in Australia and you won't be charged for sending or receiving survey TXT messages.
  • If you receive a survey and you don't wish to provide feedback on that particular interaction you can simply ignore the first message to let us know not to send through the following survey questions.
  • You can choose to avoid future interaction based surveys like this by sending a reply TXT saying 'STOP'.