What is a device in good working order?

  • The phone needs to turn on and off.
  • The screen must be undamaged without any fading, cracks or bleeding.
  • There is no major cosmetic damage to the exterior.
  • Where applicable, the battery and back cover must be included.
  • The phone must not be network blocked, reported as stolen or counterfeit.

How do I get my trade-up credit?


You can get your trade-up credit added as a recurring credit to your bill over 12, 24 or 36 months, or you can get the full amount added to your next bill.

iphone XR trade-up
iphone XR trade-up

How to get this offer.


Phones Trade In Step4

Step 1

Check that your iPhone 7 Plus is in Good Working Order. For other eligible phones, check the table below.


Phones Trade In Step2

Step 2

Get the iPhone XR over 36 months on a $65 Red Plus Plan online.


Phones Trade In Step2

Step 3

Once you've received your new iPhone XR, transfer your personal data from your iPhone 7 Plus and take it to your nearest Vodafone store.


Phones Trade In Step2

Step 4

You’ll be able to trade the iPhone 7 Plus in store for credit towards your bill.


Devices eligible for our trade-up offer

iPhone X

Trade-up Device* iPhone XR price with trade-up* iPhone XR price with trade-up + $65 Red Plus Plan*
iPhone X 256GB $624 $480
iPhone X 64GB $724 $580
iPhone 8/8 Plus

Trade-up Device* iPhone XR price with trade-up* iPhone XR price with trade-up + $65 Red Plus Plan*
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB $734 $590
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB $824 $680
iPhone 8 256GB $824 $680
iPhone 8 64GB $924 $780
iPhone 7/7 Plus

Trade-up Device* iPhone XR price with trade-up* iPhone XR price with trade-up + $65 Red Plus Plan*
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB $894 $750
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB $943 $799
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB $994 $850
iPhone 7 256GB $974 $830
iPhone 7 128GB $1004 $860
iPhone 7 32GB $1054 $910
iPhone 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus

Trade-up Device* iPhone XR price with trade-up* iPhone XR price with trade-up + $65 Red Plus Plan*
iPhone 6S Plus 128GB $1034 $890
iPhone 6S Plus 64GB $1044 $900
iPhone 6S Plus 32GB $1064 $920
iPhone 6S Plus 16GB $1119 $975
iPhone 6S 128GB $1079 $935
iPhone 6S 64GB $1084 $940
iPhone 6S 32GB $1099 $955
iPhone 6S 16GB $1114 $970
iPhone 6 Plus 128GB $1074 $930
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB $1094 $950
iPhone 6 Plus 32GB $1134 $990
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB $1114 $970
iPhone 6 128GB $1109 $965
iPhone 6 64GB $1124 $980
iPhone 6 32GB $1139 $995
iPhone 6 16GB $1149 $1005
Other eligible devices

To view our full list of eligible devices, check out our trade-up page.

*Device must be in Good Working Order.
*Based on RRP $1224 of the iPhone XR 64GB. *Includes Trade-up credit and $144 Loyalty Discount.

Trade-up your iPhone 7 Plus and save on a new iPhone XR.

Get the iPhone XR from $799 when you trade-up and save an iPhone 7 Plus, sign up on a $65 Red Plus Plan and stay connected over 36 months. That’s a saving of up to $425, including a trade-up credit of up to $281 and a $144 Loyalty discount (or $4/mth over 36 mths). Savings taken off RRP $1224 of the iPhone XR 64GB. Trade-up powered by Ingram Micro®. Total min. cost $1285. Total minimum cost includes cost of device plus 1 month of plan fees minus 1 month loyalty discount minus 1 month of minimum eligible device trade-in credit. Offer ends 20/08/19. T&C apply.


iPhone XR features.

Brilliant. In every way.

Breakthrough camera system.

For more information on the iPhone XR, check out the iPhone XR page.

Terms and conditions

Trade-in offer
Available to postpaid customers on devices listed on https://www.vodafone.com.au/trade-in-phone/ (Eligible Device), up to the value of $1,000 AUD per service, max 3 devices per service. You will be provided with a Trade-In Value for your Eligible Device in store by Vodafone staff according to Ingram Micro Pty Ltd’s Valuation Criteria (‘Valuation’). Valuation and Trade-In Value vary depending on condition of your Eligible Device, and is subject to change. When you trade-in your Eligible Device, ownership will be signed over to Ingram Micro Pty Ltd (Ingram). Vodafone Stores act as a device collection point on behalf of Ingram. If you accept the in-store Valuation, the Trade-In Value will be added in the form of a full credit to your second bill, or if you simultaneously sign up and stay connected over your chosen MPP period with an Eligible Plan, credit can be spread in equal instalments over your chosen MPP period from your second bill. Credit is not refundable or transferable and is forfeited if cancelled. Ingram reserves the right to change handsets eligible for this offer at any time at their discretion. For full terms https://www.vodafone.com.au/tradeinterms. To search Eligible Devices head to https://www.vodafone.com.au/plans/trade-in.

Two months plan fees on Red plans
For personal use only. Offer available to approved new and upgrading customers (‘Eligible Customers’). Two monthly plan fees waived when Eligible Customers sign up or upgrade to any Red Plan, Red Cap Plan or Red Plus Plan (Excluding SIM Only). Excludes rate plan change, Business Flex and Business Advance Plans. Forfeited if you cancel. After third or fourth month, the minimum monthly spend is $35, $45, $55 or $65 plus applicable device costs. The offer will appear as a credit on the bill. Not for commercial or resale purposes. Offer not transferable or redeemable for cash. Subject to change.