Vodafone 4G lights up in the Apple Isle

Rollout will expand coverage across State in coming months

Vodafone has switched on its 4G (LTE) network in Tasmania, following successful live trials in recent weeks in Moonah West, Cambridge, New Norfolk, Warrane and Hobart Airport.

Vodafone Chief Technology Officer, Benoit Hanssen, said customers in Tasmania now had greater choice when it came to choosing 4G networks, as his team prepared for an accelerated rollout in the coming months.

“Vodafone’s 4G network continues to expand around the country and we are pleased to announce the launch of our fast, reliable 4G network in Tasmania,” said Mr Hanssen.

“We have a long history in this state where we have had our customer-care centre based for more than 13 years. Late last year we also opened a second call centre in the Hobart CBD,” said Mr Hanssen.

“This is a launch I am especially proud to announce as our excellent Tassie team call me regularly to ask when we’re going to switch it on! Following our very successful testing, I am pleased to report we are offering fast, reliable 4G coverage in Cambridge, New Norfolk, Warrane and Hobart Airport.”

In April Vodafone will commence phase two of its rollout, adding new 4G (LTE) sites in the Hobart CBD, Sorell, Bridgewater, Lauderdale, Claremont and Howrah.

Vodafone’s Chief Technology Officer Benoit Hanssen said Vodafone had focused on creating a fast, reliable network in the ACT.

“A few weeks ago we announced our first million 4G devices, a major milestone less than a year after we first switched on our first 4G site. We are adding more 4G sites every week around the country and our customers are telling us they are enjoying using their devices our newest network.”

Mr Hanssen said the challenge for mobile telecommunications engineers was configuring its networks to keep up with the ever-growing demand for data.

Vodafone also offers a Network Guarantee, which allows customers to try out the network for 30 days.
If the customer isn’t satisfied with Vodafone’s 3G and 4G coverage, the customer is free to exit the contract without penalty and only paying for what they used.”

“One of the little-discussed benefits of switching on 4G networks is that as customers with 4G devices automatically move over onto the 4G network, it means there is greater capacity on our 3G and 3G+ networks. So that means all of our customers notice the difference and are able to access faster data speeds,” said Mr Hanssen.