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Customise your plan with Vodafone Red

Vodafone introduces New Phone Every Year program

Vodafone today announced it is giving Red consumer and business customers more options to select the inclusions that matter most to them with the launch of a new and expanded range of month-to-month, 12 and 24 month Red SIM-Only and handset plans.

After setting its sights on shaking up the prepaid market in May with the launch of ‘MyMix’ ­— a first of its kind build-your-own recharge — Vodafone is now turning its attention to contract plans. For the first time, customers will be able to tailor the value in their plans based on the services they want.

Vodafone Chief Marketing Officer Loo Fun Chee said the company wanted to make it easier for customers to get the right plan for their needs.

“We are giving customers a greater say in what’s included in their plans because we know that one size does not fit all and that many people could be wasting good money on inclusions they never use,” said Ms Chee.

“From looking at our customers’ usage we have observed many different types of behaviours. For example: more than 30 per cent of our customers do not use their international calling inclusions.

“Vodafone’s new Red plans address some of the common gripes that people have with phone plans: inclusions that are wasted and inflexible terms. Customers now have the choice to forego the inclusions they don’t use and also add more of what they need.”

“While the status quo has been to settle for ‘good enough’, now there is a real alternative to the way it’s been done. We are proud to be the only telco to bring this level of personalisation to customers and look forward to seeing how our customers respond to these new options.”

New Phone Every Year1

Vodafone is answering the wishes of people who experience ‘fear-of-missing-out’ “FOMO” every time a bright new shiny phone hits the market with the launch of ‘New Phone Every Year’.

The annual phone upgrade program will give new or upgrading customers connecting to a 24 month plan the option to upgrade their handset for a once-off fee of $149.

Customers will need to return their old device in good working order and renew their contract for a further 24 months.

Under the program, customers can take their pick of Vodafone’s extensive range of devices, including the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphone series.

“Vodafone’s ‘New Phone Every Year’ program is a great example of the transformation taking place in the industry which recognises the changing needs of customers,” said Ms Chee.

“We understand that two years can be a long time between smartphones.  The new program makes it easier for tech-enthusiasts to upgrade to the latest devices faster.”

 Key product features

Power to choose inclusions: Starting from $80, customers now have the option to pick their inclusions – Red Play, Red Global and Red Data plans.2

  • Red Data: Receive extra data in your plan, between 2GB-4GB depending on the plan chosen.
  • Red Play: Take your pick of a content subscription with the choice of Spotify, Stan or SMH.com.au/The Age. Subscription length varies between 6-12 months depending on the plan chosen.
  • Red Global: Receive generous IDD inclusions: 300 minutes to 55 countries plus Super 1000 (1000 minutes to call 12 countries) AND Qantas points ranging between 4000 – 7500 points depending on the plan chosen.

Power to Add-on: Customers can tailor their plan further with a suite of new data add-ons and a new international minutes (IDD) Add on. Vodafone’s new Add On range has expanded to give more price points and country options.*

All the basics covered: Every plan within Vodafone Red consumer and business ranges includes Infinite standard national calls, Infinite national and international TXT, and a generous allocation of data and access to $5 Roaming.

Hero plans

  • $80 Red Data (24-months) — 8GB of data, Infinite Standard national calls, Infinite standard national and international TXT, access to $5 Roaming, backed by Vodafone 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee
  • $80 Red Global (24-months) — 6GB of data, Infinite Standard national calls, Infinite standard national and international TXT, 300 mins to 55 countries, Super 1000 for 12 countries, 4000 Qantas points, access to $5 Roaming, backed by Vodafone 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee
  • $80 Red Play (24-months) — 6GB of data, Infinite Standard national calls, Infinite standard national and international TXT, 6 month content subscription — choice of Spotify, Stan or SMH/The Age, access to $5 Roaming, backed by Vodafone 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee
  • $50 Red Data SIM Only (month-to-month) — 8GB of data, Infinite Standard national calls, Infinite standard national and international TXT, access to $5 Roaming.

For business

Vodafone understands that no two businesses are the same, which is why it is introducing a range of new choices for businesses, big or small, to personalise a service just for them.

Vodafone is adding new ways for businesses to buy their phones in a way that suits them best, with the company’s new phone every year offer, which gives businesses the option to trade up their phones every 12 months for just $99 per device.

Australian Business Number (ABN) holders are also being offered the option to pair a no contract sim-only plan with an interest-free payment plan on a phone. This means customers are free to pay off the phone in monthly instalments over 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months. There’s no interest charged, and no fees.

To make that even more appealing, Vodafone is also offering ABN holders 20 per cent off a second sim only service to help separate work from their personal life. This means business owners will be able to have two sims to share between their personal and work phone with 22GB of data shared between them from $90 a month.

All business customers receive personal service, whether it be Vodafone’s Australian based call centres or visiting a dedicated business specialist in one of Vodafone’s retail stores.

For larger businesses, Vodafone’s Business Flex plans continue to offer options personalised to each customer’s business to make sure they don’t pay for things they don’t need. Plus, any business customer with 10 or more connections receives a dedicated personal account manager.

“Small businesses are already great at running their business, they don’t need us to tell them what to do, they just want us to help support them through their journey,” Stuart Kelly, Executive General Manager of Business said.

“Our new Red plans and phone repayment options allow a business to pick just what’s required and aren’t made to pay for things they won’t use.”

“When you combine that with our local call centre and dedicated account managers for businesses with 10 or more connections, you can see the truly personal experience we’re creating for Vodafone business customers.”

Network assurance with 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee3

Vodafone Red consumer and business customers can also enjoy network assurance with Vodafone’s new network satisfaction guarantee.

Under the 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee, if a new postpaid customer is not satisfied with Vodafone’s network within the first 30 days, they can cancel their contract, no questions asked. Vodafone will also refund any monthly access fees and monthly handset instalments paid by the customer as long as the equipment and device are returned to a Vodafone store within 10 days of making the claim. The 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee is also available for business customers with up to 9 connections.

In conjunction with the revamped 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee, Vodafone is also offering one month of unlimited data for new customers signing up to a selected 12 or 24 month phone plan to use within Australia.

“We have invested significantly in our 4G network, which is demonstrated in OpenSignal’s ‘State of Mobile Networks Australia’ report (June 2016), where it shows how well Vodafone’s 4G network is performing. We are proud to offer a guarantee which highlights our commitment to being transparent about our network performance.”



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