Vodafone doubles data for new Samsung GALAXY S5

Presale starts tomorrow: 9am 27 March 2014

Vodafone has announced Samsung’s new flagship device, the GALAXY S5, will be available to customers on $60 a month plans with 3GB included data, which is double the usual 1.5GB.

The GALAXY S5 can be ordered online, in Vodafone stores and over the phone from 9am 27 March 2014. The device is available in Vodafone stores from April 11, ranging from $0 upfront on a $100 per month Red 12- or 24-month plan to $14 per month on a $60 24-month plan.

Vodafone will range the 16GB Samsung GALAXY S5 to its customers in all four colours: Electric Blue, Copper Gold, Shimmer White and Charcoal Black.

Vodafone’s General Manager of Devices, Katie Turkal, said: “We’ve had an overwhelming response from customers since pre-registration for the GALAXY S5 went live, with thousands of customers signing up.”

“We’re confident customers will be delighted with the generous data inclusions we’re able to offer with our Red plans and a special $60 per month GS5 offer. We’re offering way more data bang for your buck than most of our competitors.”

Ms Turkal said its current Double Data offer, is already proving incredibly popular for heavy data users, available on all GS5 plans $60 and above.

“Feedback from customers on social media is that they simply can’t believe you can get 10GB data per month for just $100. With our Vodafone Red plans you also get the added bonus of being able to take your plan overseas with you for $5 extra a day, and Aussie customer service.”

Katie Turkal says: “We’ve built our mobile plans around the internet because we know our customers will want to let loose playing with all the new features on the GS5, like the larger and brighter full HD super AMOLED screen and faster processor. It’s a beautiful device and we want our customers to be able to fully enjoy all things online.”


Notes to editors:

  • Visit www.vodafone.com.au for full details (live 9am 27 March)
  • The Galaxy S5 Double Data offer applies to all plans from $60 per month and upwards and is available until 1 July, 2014
  • Vodafone is already offering double data on all Vodafone Red plans for new and upgrading customers, starting from $50 per month (SIM-only). This offer runs until 1 July, 2014
  • Vodafone Red allows you to use your included calls, texts and data overseas for $5 extra a day in 46 countries