Vodafone Red customers hit play on Spotify Premium

Free Spotify Premium subscriptions for Red customers connecting to any 12 or 24 month plan

Vodafone today launched an innovative new offer that will have music lovers singing. From today, new and upgrading customers connecting to any 12 or 24 month Vodafone Red plan will receive a complimentary Spotify Premium subscription (worth AUD $11.99 per month).

With Spotify’s Premium service, customers can sit back or rock out to more than 20 million* songs completely ad-free. To ensure customers make the most of the vast library of music, Spotify Premium boasts some handy features which allows customers to follow their favourite artists, enjoy personal playlist recommendations from friends and also access their downloaded playlists when they’re offline.

“Many of our customers are huge Spotify fans and so are we,” said Stephen Smyth, General Manager of Postpaid at Vodafone.

“Spotify has been making waves worldwide, transforming the way we access and experience music. We’re delighted to offer our customers an exciting way to experience music.”

Free Spotify Premium subscriptions for Vodafone Red customers

From today, customers connecting to any 12 or 24 month Vodafone Red plan will receive a complimentary Spotify Premium subscription, plus Infinite calls, TXT and generous monthly data allowances.

This offer is extended to Red customers who have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge before today.

Postpaid 12/24 month plans

Red plan Spotify Premium subscription (period)
$70 Red Plan 6 months
$80 Red Plan 12 months
$100 Red Plan 24 months

Customers can pump up the jam with Vodafone’s Data Workout, which provides unlimited data for the first two months of any 12 or 24-month contract.

The winning combination of Spotify Premium and Vodafone’s Data Workout means customers can stream as much music as they want for two months.

“Avid music fans could theoretically stream more than 25,000* songs over the data work-out period at no extra charge, said Mr Smyth.

Spotify is just the start

Vodafone is committed to working with the world’s best content providers.

“We want to give our customers the best deals, which includes access to the best content available”, said Mr Smyth.

“Being part of Vodafone’s global network definitely has its advantages beyond our great roaming deals, and over the coming months we’ll continue to bring customers the very best in content.”


Notes to editors

Spotify offer

The offer is available from 5 November 2014 to approved new customers with a Postpaid Plan on a Vodafone account (“Account”) or existing customers who upgrade or rate plan change to a Vodafone Red plan over 12 or 24 months, excluding any month to month SIM only plan (“Eligible Plan”).

The Service will be available from the date your account/upgrade/rate plan change is activated and will continue as a free service for the Eligible Period (“Eligible Period”). To find out what the Eligible Period is for each Eligible Plan go to our support page.
* Number of tracks licenced globally. Catalogue size varies in each country and can also change over time.

1 month free access fees on $70 and $80 Red plans

From 5 November, 2014, Vodafone is offering 1 month free access fees on $70 and $80 Red plans over 24-months. For personal use by approved customers who sign up to a $70 or $80 Red plan over 24 months. Excludes SIM Only. Applied as a credit to bill 1. Min monthly spend from month 2 is $70 ($70 Plan) and $80 ($80 Plan) plus any handset repayments. Early Exit Fee is min monthly spend x months remaining plus any handset repayments. Credit forfeited if terminated early. Not transferable and not redeemable for cash.

Data usage on Spotify

*Calculation: An average of 18 songs per hour based on a 3-min track, multiplied by 24 hours, provides an average of 432 songs a day. Over the course of two months (60 days), total songs streamed could equate to 25,920 songs.

When Vodafone customers have finished their Data Workout period, Spotify Premium usage will count towards the monthly data allowance. Vodafone Red plans come with ample data allowances and will be more than enough for a person streaming music for an hour every day, provided they stream on normal to high quality (96kbps-160kbps). A person streaming music for an hour every day would use between1.5 to 2GB of data per month.

With 1GB of data (excluding caching):

Normal (96kbps) you can stream 24 hours of content High quality (160kbps) you can stream 14.5 hours of content Extreme quality (320kbps) you can stream 7.25 hours of content.

Spotify for existing Red customers

Customers who connected to a plan before July 2, 2014 In order to receive a Spotify subscription, existing customers will need to move from their existing plan to an eligible Red plan (via a rate plan change or an upgrade). There is no extra charge to move to a like-for-like or higher-cost plan.

*eligible Red plan (in-market 12 or 24 month Red plan)

Customers who connected to a plan after July 2, 2014

Customers have the option to rate plan change (move from their existing plan) to an eligible Red plan OR, add a Data Add-on to receive a Spotify subscription. The subscription period will be based on the Red plan you are connected to.