Vodafone continues international roaming price shake up

Ninety per cent cut to data rates, $1 per minute flat rate for calls

In another radical shake-up of its international roaming charges, Vodafone announced today it would simplify its calling and data rates to more than 200 countries including popular destinations like India, Vietnam, Fiji and Canada.

Vodafone’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kim Clarke said Vodafone would do away with the complicated charging structure of old where a customer would be charged one of over 20 different call rates depending on their destination.

Ms Clarke said: “Vodafone’s $5-a-day roaming offer is available in 46 countries, but now travellers to countries outside these destinations can have peace of mind they won’t get whacked with excessive fees.

“Customers have enough to think about when travelling and we’d rather their phone bill not be on the list. With Vodafone’s simple $1 fee for a 1-minute call or 1MB of data, you can enjoy your trip without fear of arriving home to an excessive bill,” said Ms Clarke.

The company has sliced its data charges by a staggering 90 per cent so customers will pay $1 per megabyte.

Vodafone opens up $5-a-day roaming

Clarke also announced the company will extend its $5-a-day international roaming plan to all of its current postpaid plans from next week in a direct response to customer demand. Vodafone launched the industry-leading rates as part of its flagship Red plans last year.

“Since we launched Red and $5 roaming in August last year, the response has been nothing short of phenomenal. Our customers are saying to us ‘this has changed the way I travel’,” Ms Clarke said.

“We’re opening this up to all our current postpaid plans because we want them to experience truly worry-free international roaming. You shouldn’t have to adjust three different settings in your phone or buy a new SIM card to enjoy using your phone like you would at home.

“These plans are also enormously popular with people travelling for business as it saves them a fortune on expensive hotel WiFi charges.”

Reaffirming Vodafone’s position as the leading mobile provider for travellers

Vodafone is truly an international mobile company in Australia with a 20-year local history offering great value.

“We are proud to offer consistently good value for Aussies travelling abroad. No different price rates, no confusing zones and no need for add-on data packs,” she said.

Customers are able to track their daily usage when overseas via the cloud-based MyVodafone app.


Notes to editors:

The $5 a day international roaming offer will be available from next week 23 March for all existing postpaid customers on our current plans (from April 2013 onwards) who choose to opt in. From April 23, Red Roaming will automatically be on for all new customers connecting to our current postpaid plans.

Vodafone customers on older plans (before April 2013) are able to switch to one of our current plans without paying any fees, provided the plan is the same or greater value.

For full plan details, terms and conditions please visit: www.vodafone.com.au/roaming