The only way is up when it comes to mobile broadband data allowances

Vodafone offers prepaid mobile broadband customers 4G for the first time

At a time when Australians are using more data than ever before and mobile speeds have never been faster, Vodafone today announced it is upsizing data allowances across a new range of mobile broadband (MBB) and tablet plans and will make Vodafone’s superfast 4G network available to prepaid MBB customers for the first time.

As part of the major shake-up, Vodafone is also introducing automated $10 Data Top-Ups to prevent bill shock for postpaid mobile broadband customers on contract. This new measure aims to ensure customers are never caught short of data or being charged hefty data excess fees when they exceed their limit. Vodafone’s $10 Data Top-Ups kicks-in the minute a customer goes over their data allowance.

Existing Vodafone postpaid MBB customers will also now have access to a range of Data Add-Ons to top up their plans from time to time.

Kim Clarke, Chief Marketing Officer at Vodafone, said, “We are committed to providing Australians with affordable high-speed 4G services. With speeds faster than home broadband, Vodafone 4G is an attractive alternative for people looking to ditch the landline and unnecessary costs associated with fixed-line broadband services.

“Aussies have been calling out for more affordable mobile broadband and we’ve not only listened…we’ve delivered,” said Ms Clarke.

“We have built a world-class 4G network that we want our MBB customers to enjoy. Rather than sting people with high prices for data, small allowances and data excess charges, we are delivering lightning-fast 4G speeds, upsizing our data inclusions and introducing new measures to prevent bill shock to our customers.”

Vodafone Postpaid Mobile Broadband

Vodafone’s new postpaid MBB and tablet range provides leading value for 4G MBB services, delivering a whopping amount of data compared to major competitors. The new range includes five plans starting at $20 per month for 2.5GB of data, up to $90 per month for a 25GB of data, which will appeal to people who want a high-speed home broadband alternative.

Price-point Vodafone data inclusion
$20 2.5GB
$45 8GB
$65 12GB
$90 25GB

Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Vodafone welcomes Vodafone prepaid MBB and tablet customers onto Vodafone’s lightning-fast 4G network, which is faster than most home broadband services. Vodafone prepaid MBB and tablet customers can enjoy Vodafone’s market-leading MBB recharges for 4G with more data and flexible expiry periods.

“No one gets more affordable 4G prepaid mobile broadband data than Vodafone customers, said Ms Clarke. “Seven out of eight Vodafone recharges offer more data than what our competitors offer at the same price, with the exception of one recharge that offers equal value.”

The range includes eight price points, starting at $10 for 300MB of data with a 30-day expiry, to $200 for 22GB of data with a 365-day expiry.


Notes to editor:

  • Vodafone 4G is available in selected areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong and Hobart. MBB customers must have a 4G-compatabile device to access Vodafone 4G services
  • 4G is available with a 4G device and an active prepaid recharge or plan with Vodafone Alerts.
  • Home Broadband: In June 2014, our average 4G download speeds were faster than the 5 leading fixed broadband ADSL2+ providers. Speeds depend on location and use.
  • All data is only for use in Australia.
  • Min. monthly spend and, for 12- or 24-month plans, early exit fees apply for postpaid plans. To see a full range of Vodafone’s refreshed Postpaid Mobile Broadband plans and T&C, click here
  • Expiry periods apply for prepaid recharges. To see Vodafone’s full range of Prepaid Mobile Broadband plans and T&C, click here
  • To see Vodafone’s full range of Data Add-ons and T&C, click here
  • Vodafone recently unveiled plans to significantly boost more than 1.5 million Vodafone customers’ 4G network coverage using its low-band 850MHz spectrum holding. Low-band spectrum, such as the 850MHz is particularly suited to providing high-quality indoor mobile coverage and complements Vodafone’s existing high-band 4G network that uses the 1800MHz spectrum band and offers superfast data speeds.