Vodafone Australia and Cummins&Partners to end their relationship in early 2017


Changes to Vodafone Australia’s creative and marketing services roster

Vodafone Australia and Cummins&Partners today announced that they are ending their creative and marketing services relationship in early 2017.

“We would like to thank Cummins&Partners for their tireless work over the last two years in developing our successful network demonstration campaigns,” said Natasa Zunic, General Manager of Brand and Communications at Vodafone.

“Their understanding of the category and market challenges have made them a great partner through the turnaround of this company.”

Chris Jeffares, CEO at Cummins&Partners said, “Vodafone is a fantastic global brand and we have enjoyed re-establishing their challenger position in an incredibly dynamic industry and successfully re-affirming Vodafone’s network capabilities.”

“The team has worked hard to create strong brand and customer momentum, and we wish Vodafone every success in the future,” he added.

Vodafone will use this opportunity to review its agency needs in preparation for the next stage of business growth.