Vodafone launches new monthly instalment payment plan for postpaid smartphones

The choice to spread the cost of a new smartphone over 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36-months

Vodafone today announced the launch of a new monthly installment plan for post-paid smartphones.

Customers connecting to any Vodafone month-to-month SIM Only plan will now have the option to buy a new smartphone and spread the cost of the phone over 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36-months interest free.

“We are big believers that consumers should have more choice when it comes to buying smartphones,” said Ben McIntosh, Director of Sales at Vodafone.

“Vodafone is committed to putting our most popular smartphones within reach of customers,” said Mr McIntosh.

“With many popular smartphones costing more than $1000 when purchasing outright, we believe many customers will welcome the choice to spread the cost of their new phone over a period of time rather than upfront,” he said.

Mr McIntosh said that contrary to popular belief researched showed only one in every ten consumers wanted to upgrade their phone every year.

“Our research shows that consumer upgrading behaviour differs greatly. Less than 10 per cent of consumers upgrade their phone every year, while one in two Australians will wait two to three years to upgrade,” said Mr McIntosh.

“This is about making things simple for customers and giving them the flexibility to choose the plans that best suit their needs and budgets,” he said.

“More and more Vodafone customers are enjoying the freedom of month-to-month SIM Only plans so it made sense to also offer flexible payment options to complement these plans.”

The news follows the company’s recent launch of Australia’s most affordable 20GB data smartphone plan.


Notes to editor

  • Monthly instalment plans must be taken with a Month to Month SIM Only plan. Minimum commitment fee is MPP x instalment period + 1 month SIM-Only
  • Monthly instalment plans are available in-store and via phone
Monthly instalment payment plan (MPP) iPhone 6s 16GB

RRP $1080

6 month $180
12 month $90
18 month $60
24 month $45
36 month $30

Research commissioned by Vodafone, conducted by Galaxy, July 2014.
Sample of 1000 people nationally.

  • One in four (25%) of Australians upgrade their smartphone every 18 months or more frequently. This increases to 41% of 18-24 year olds.
  • Frequent (18 months or more frequently) upgrades of smartphones declines with age:
    • 38% Generation Y
    • 21% Generation X
    • 16% ages 50+ years
  • 29% of NSW residents upgrade their smartphone every 18 months or more frequently, compared to 25% in Queensland and South Australia, 24% in Victoria and 15% in Western Australia.
  • Half (49%) of Australians upgrade their smartphone about every 2-3 years
    15% upgrade their phone only when it is lost or broken

Reasons for upgrade

  • 40% of Australians upgrade for image reasons when their phone looks outdated or gets scratched/damaged
  • One in three (35%) will upgrade their smartphone when the mobile phone contract expires and they get a new phone with the next contract

What new smartphone features are the most attractive:

  • For Australians, the most attractive features of a smartphone are that it is easy to use/navigate/good functionality (62%)
  • A high quality camera is always popular (57%)
  • A large screen (48%) is also a significant driver of appeal
  • 45% large storage capacity
  • 42% 4G connectivity
  • 41% the size of the device
  • 36% Stylish/looks good (50% among those who upgrade every 6 months/buy latest model)
  • 29% Able to run several applications at one time
  • 26% sound capabilities
  • 16% video calling
  • 6% ability to show 3D (26% among those who upgrade every 6 months/buy latest model)

Mobile Payment Plan (MPP) on SIM Only is available to eligible credit approved customers on a Vodafone SIM Only Month to Month Plan of $30 or above. The outright price of your chosen device (as set by Vodafone at the time of purchase) will be spread in equal instalments over your chosen commitment period (6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months). Once selected, this commitment period is fixed. If, during your MPP commitment period, you cancel your MPP or your eligible SIM Only Plan, or if you move to a non-eligible plan, the balance of your MPP (MPP monthly cost x remaining months) will be payable and applied to your next bill. A maximum of one device can be paid for via MPP per service. Eligibility may be subject to a further credit check and the provision of ID documentation. When you add a MPP, the terms of your existing SIM Only Plan remain the same.