Vodafone switches on more 4G coverage in regional Qld

Kumbia and Boyneside get more choice and value

Vodafone Australia, alongside the Federal Member for Maranoa David Littleproud, today switched on a new mobile site at Kumbia near Kingaroy. Another site at nearby Boyneside is set to follow in coming months.

Both of these sites have been completed as part of the Federal Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program.

These new 4G sites will see voice and data coverage provided to an additional 220 square kilometres, including 50 kilometres along roads in the area including the Bunya Highway, Kearneys Road and Kumbia-Brooklands Road.

Vodafone’s new sites in Kumbia and Boyneside are the latest step in Vodafone’s continued push to give people more mobile services choice across Australia. Vodafone is committed to investing in regional areas where it makes sense to do so. It is also campaigning for regulatory reforms that would deliver Australia’s best opportunity to drive mobile investment in regional areas.

“We’re pleased to be expanding the 4G footprint in the Maranoa Electorate as part of the Mobile Black Spot Program1,” said Rhys Morgan, Vodafone Regional Manager. “With mobile access a critical part of everyday life, the importance of this program, coupled with the telco industry working together to achieve the best outcome for the population, cannot be understated.”

The sites at Kumbia and Boyneside are in addition to the Vodafone sites completed recently at Cooyar and Drillham, which are part of an investment of over one million dollars by Vodafone in the Maranoa electorate between 2015 and the end of 2017. The Federal Member for Maranoa, David Littleproud, said residents of Kumbia and Boyneside will be able to take advantage of 4G services thanks to Vodafone’s investment in the region.

“The building and strengthening of network connections through the Federal Government’s Mobile Phone Black Spot Program is crucial to Maranoa’s future prosperity.” Mr Littleproud said.

“Mobile black spots in the area have long hindered emergency services, business and tourism – that’s why this program is so important for rural communities.”

Minister for Regional Communications Fiona Nash said the Federal Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program would deliver 765 mobile phone towers covering some 4,400 coverage black spots across the nation, extending new and upgraded handheld coverage to 86,300 square kilometres of regional and remote Australia.

“I aim to help build the kinds of communities our children and grandchildren either want to stay in or come back to, and good telecommunications is a big part of that,” Minister Nash said.

“Being a farmer myself, I know how important mobile coverage is and I’m proud the Coalition is delivering it to Kumbia and Boyneside.”


Vodafone customers “won’t need to upgrade their smartphone”

Rhys Morgan said all the major smartphones already work on Vodafone’s low-band 4G 850MHz network, including the popular iPhone and Samsung GALAXY models.

“This means customers will see the 4G or LTE symbol on their phone more often,” said Morgan.

Low-band spectrum, such as 850MHz, is well suited to providing high quality indoor mobile coverage as the lower frequency signal penetrates buildings better than higher frequency signals. Low-band spectrum is also well suited to providing coverage over broad areas in regional Australia.

Risk-free network user trial

To encourage people in Kumbia and Boyneside to trial its network, Vodafone is offering new customers a 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee2.

Under the 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee, if a new postpaid customer is not satisfied with Vodafone’s network within the first 30 days, they can cancel their contract, no questions asked. Vodafone will also refund any monthly access fees and monthly handset instalments paid by the customer as long as the equipment and device are returned to a Vodafone store within 10 days of making the claim. Customers still pay for any non-standard plan inclusions. The 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee is also available for business customers with up to 9 connections.

In conjunction with the revamped 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee, Vodafone is also offering unlimited data3 for the first month to new customers who sign up to a selected 12 or 24 month phone plan to use within Australia.

Rhys Morgan said the company’s Network Satisfaction Guarantee demonstrates that Vodafone is prepared to walk the talk on network satisfaction and ultimately put the power in people’s hands.

“Our Network Satisfaction Guarantee is an invitation for Australians who may be feeling unsatisfied with their current provider to experience everything Vodafone has to offer,” he said.

“We continue to invest in our 4G network and the results are evident – our network is performing better than ever. The Network Satisfaction Guarantee demonstrates our commitment to being transparent about our network performance. With our new program, people don’t need to take our word for it, they can experience the difference for themselves.”


Notes to editors

Vodafone’s interactive regional mobile investment map includes the locations and timings of the new sites in regional areas it is currently building.

1: 4G is available with a compatible 4G device. 4G in selected areas of Australia. To find out where we have 4G see vodafone.com.au/coverage.


2: If you’ve signed up to any new plan and you don’t love our network within the first 30 days, you’re welcome to cancel by calling 1300551198 (excludes upgrades and rate plan changes). You will only have to pay for those services you’ve used, that are not included in your plan, up until your number is fully transferred and device and equipment in original packaging with proof of purchase returned to a Vodafone (not dealer) store within 10 days of your claim. One claim per person. Accessories not refunded. This guarantee does not affect any other rights or remedies you may have under consumer law. Full terms and conditions at vodafone.com.au/guarantee.


3: Personal Use Only. Available until 31/7/18 for new customers signing up to a 12 or 24 month plan (excludes Business Shared Infinite, Business Flex, Red Business Shared & Red Business Grow and upgrades). If you perform a Rate Plan Change during the unlimited data period, your eligibility ceases & additional data fees will apply. Fair Use Policy applies. For the first billing month any additional data usage within Australia will be free.



Vodafone Australia, alongside the Federal Member for Maranoa David Littleproud, today switched on a new mobile site at Kumbia near Kingaroy.