Vodafone re-enters the prepaid market with stunning offers

Infinite international calls to 10 popular overseas locations

Vodafone customers are the big winners under the largest refresh of the company’s prepaid offerings in years.

Among the sweeping changes, Vodafone’s $50 Prepaid Cap now offers Infinite standard international calls to 10 popular overseas locations. These are: China, India, USA, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea.

“Because Vodafone is part of the world’s second largest mobile network, we are able to offer our Prepaid customers the ability to call their friends and family around the world at no extra cost,” said Vodafone’s General Manager of Prepaid, Mehul Dave.

Vodafone is also doubling the amount of data it is offering in its $30 and $40 Prepaid Caps, now offering 1GB data on a $30 Cap and 2GB data on a $40 Cap. The $50 Cap includes 3GB of data.

“Prepaid data plans haven’t typically included as generous data inclusions as that of postpaid plans.

Since the company welcomed prepaid customers onto its lightning-fast 4G network last year, 4G data usage has skyrocketed by 61 per cent on average.

“We want our customers to enjoy using data freely, with more data inclusions to enjoy than ever before,” said Mr Dave.

Bonus data for online recharges

“On top of the already fantastic inclusions, Vodafone will reward Cap customers for every recharge they make online.

Depending on which recharge they make, Cap customers can receive up to 500MB bonus data when they recharge online through the new MyVodafone app for iPhone and Android, or via vodafone.com.au

MyVodafone offers customers far greater control of their service. It allows customers simplicity in topping up data, checking account balances and recharging.

“We’ve invested a huge amount in ensuring Vodafone prepaid customers have a more accessible, convenient and user-friendly way to stay on top of their prepaid service. We are absolutely committed to giving our customers great support and industry best service on top of great products,” said Mr Dave.

“This gives customers account balance information in real time and the convenience of recharging and seeing usage information in a few clicks,” said Mr Dave.

Vodafone serious about prepaid

Vodafone says it is keen for prepaid customers to feel the benefits of Australia’s newest 4G network with their 4G compatible devices and admits that this refresh has been long overdue.

“We invested $3 billion dollars in our network over three years and have rightly focused on ensuring we can offer our Vodafone prepaid customers an incredible experience. This is the right time for us to aggressively re-enter the prepaid market by offering plans that are, frankly, the best we have ever offered in terms of value, network and customer experience.”

The refreshed prepaid will be available for new and existing customers on 24 September.


Notes to editors:

Vodafone 4G is available in selected areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide

Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong and Hobart. See vodafone.com.au/coverage

4G is available with an active prepaid recharge and 4G device

Vodafone Prepaid Cap information

Vodafone offers customers an affordable range of value-driven plans for budget-conscious consumers looking to stay connected while enjoying fast reliable 4G data speeds. Customers can choose between three recharge offers and one Data Add-on, for when they need a data top-up.


Key changes to existing Vodafone Prepaid Cap plans


Customers can recharge online via MyVodafone app or Vodafone.com.au/recharge, or by calling 1555.

Online recharge rewards

Vodafone is offering bonus data to customers who recharge online, recharge via 1555 with a credit card

Vodafone Cap plans

  • Vodafone’s $50 Cap now gives infinite calls to landlines, mobiles, 13/15/1800 numbers, voicemail retrieval and to 10 overseas locations – landline and mobiles: China, India, USA, UK, NZ, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea (until 6 Jan, 2015)
  • Doubled the data inclusions on $30 and $40 Caps with access to Infinite national PXT