Because some things are better shared...

Vodafone launches Australia’s first share everything plan, for up to 10 devices

Vodafone today announced Vodafone Shared, a simple new type of plan that is set to save Australian households hundreds of dollars a year on their smartphone and tablet plans.

Arriving next month, and available to new, upgrading and current Red plan customers, Vodafone Shared is different from the rest because they allow families to share everything that’s included across all plans on just one bill, including calls, TXT, data, and the very best of Vodafone Red – access to $5 Roaming, Data WorkOut and 300 international calling minutes -across up to 10 devices.

Loo Fun Chee, Chief Marketing Officer at Vodafone said she believed Australian families and households will welcome a truly inclusive Shared plan.

“Vodafone Shared delivers simple and straightforward value for households with smartphones and tablets. As everything included is sharable, families can take full advantage to ensure you are getting maximum use of all your inclusions. And best of all, unlike others, there is no fee to activate sharing.”

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), nearly 70 per cent of Australian adults use three or more different devices to connect to the internet, and one in every two adult Australians use a tablet.

“By bundling multiple services under the one account with Vodafone Shared, families can save time and money – at least $200* a year – on household smartphone and tablet costs,” added Ms Chee.

Innovate is what challengers do

The introduction of Vodafone Shared is the latest in a series of bold initiatives that Vodafone has launched to better serve the needs of Australian mobile customers.

“We want our customers to have the freedom to use their phones and tablets to navigate their way around a new city on holidays, stream their favourite songs on Spotify Premium and make the most of every inclusion through sharing.

“We are focused on delivering value and experiences that matter most to customers,” said Ms Chee.

How Vodafone Shared works

To start sharing, customers need to be on a 12- or 24-month Red plan. Vodafone Red plans offer generous data allowances, Infinite standard national talk and SMS, unlimited international SMS plus 300 minutes of international calls per month. The following table outlines Vodafone’s range of Red plans.

Red plans $50 Red SIM Only $70/mth $80/mth $100/mth
Data in Oz 3GB 3GB 4GB 6GB
Standard national calls and TXT Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite
Standard international calls 300mins 300mins 300mins 300mins
Your choice of:

Free Spotify Premium access or

Free The Sydney Morning Herald/ The Age subscription

n/a 6 months 12 months Duration of plan (Spotify)


12 months (SMH/The Age)

Access to $5 Roaming in 47 countries (excludes some services, max 90 days) Included Included Included Included
Data Workout (Unlimited data for first two months on primary account Included Included Included Included

Total min cost for 24 mth plans is between $1200 – $2400 and for 12 mth plans between $600 and $1200.

Once they have selected a primary plan, customers can either bundle a Shared plan with a new smartphone or tablet, or they can bring their own devices. There is no fee to activate sharing and Vodafone Shared offers one of the most affordable unlimited local talk and SMS plans in Australia for $30, when bundled with any Red plan.

Shared Plans for your phone $30/mth $40/mth $50/mth  



Contract period Month-to-month Month-to-month Month-to-month 24 months
Data in Oz 1GB 2GB 3GB 3GB
Standard national calls and TXT Shared from the primary plan Shared from the primary plan Shared from the primary plan Shared from the primary plan
Standard international calls Shared from the primary plan Shared from the primary plan 300 mins 300mins
Your choice of:

Free Spotify Premium access or

Free The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age

n/a n/a n/a 12 months
Access to $5 Roaming in 47 countries . $5 per device/per person Included Included Included Included

For $70 plan, total min cost is $1,680.

Shared Plans for your tablet $10/mth $30/mth
Contract period Month-to-month Month-to-month
Data in Oz 1GB 4GB
Access to $5 Roaming in 47 countries *per device/per person Included Included

The best of Vodafone Red, now Shared
Vodafone Shared plans take full advantage of the company’s most popular products and services, including:

International calling and roaming


  • Roam together – Everyone on Vodafone Shared can use Vodafone’s multi-award winning $5 Roaming – which lets you take all your data and included value with you to 47 countries, for just $5 extra a day for every day you use for each device.
  •  Call the world – With 300 minutes to go around.
  • Generous data allowances for use in Oz included in every smartphone and tablet plan
  •  Award-winning Data Workout – Unlimited data to get your devices up and running for the first two months
  •  $10 automated overage – If customers exceed their data allowance Vodafone will automatically top-up the primary account with 1GB of data for $10, to help costs from escalating.
  •  Know where they are at: All Vodafone Shared plans come with Vodafone Alerts, giving customers a heads up when they’ve reached 50%, 85% and 100% of their shared inclusions.
Unlimited value for calls and TXT
  • Infinite standard national calls and txts included in all Shared Plans, starting from as little as $30 a month.
  • Share and use everything, including voice, text, data, international minutes and more, across 10 people or 10 devices.


Notes to editor

  • Can’t share Talk International Add-on minutes and discounted roaming.
  • Spotify/SMH Access data charges apply.
  • Access to $5 Roaming in 47 countries is paid per device/per person
  • Data Work Out only available on 12-24 month plans. To share Data Work Out, the primary account must be eligible.
  • Nearly 70 per cent of Australian adults use three or more different devices to connect to the internet. Source: ACMA, 2013-2014 Annual Report
  • One in every two adult Australians use a tablet. Source: ACMA, 2013-2014 Annual Report
  • ‘At least $200* saving calculation based on the needs of a family of two seeking unlimited calls and TXT for two services, one SIM Only plan and one 16GB iPhone 6. Comparison made between individual Vodafone services over 24-months ($70 Red + $10 MPP for 16GB iPhone 6 + $50 Red M2M = $130) vs. Vodafone Shared ($70 Red = $10 MPP for 16GB + $30 Red Share = $110). Saving $480 over 24 months.