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Vodafone response to Federal Court decision

Statement from VHA Chief Strategy Officer Dan Lloyd

We respect the decision of the Federal Court, and we thank Justice Griffiths for his consideration of this matter.

We will review the judgement in detail, and consider our next steps.

Our initial reaction is one of concern about the potential implications for the clarity and robustness required of the ACCC when making important decisions which affect millions of Australians.

Our domestic roaming campaign and subsequent legal action have always been about the best interests of regional Australia.

Despite the court’s decision, there is clearly still a problem that needs to be solved. The status quo is hurting regional Australia.

Taxpayers have largely funded Telstra’s regional mobile network, but people in these areas do not have the mobile coverage and choice they want, need and deserve.

We still firmly believe domestic roaming is Australia’s best opportunity to boost coverage and competition in areas where it doesn’t currently exist.

However, we will continue to put forward constructive suggestions and pursue regulatory solutions to boost coverage and competition in regional Australia.


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