An easy, affordable way to stay in touch with clients and staff.

Vodafone SMSer is our SMS gateway service. It lets you send TXT messages from our online tool to phones on any mobile network in Australia or to a Vodafone Pager. Use it to manage staff, let clients know about important alerts, send out promotional offers, and much more. You can log in to our online portal from anywhere in the world to check, schedule and send TXT messages. It’s fast, efficient, and costs much less than using your mobile.

Check out our Month to Month plans.

If you’re after a plan with more included messages, call us on 1300 550 011 for a quote. You can also upgrade to SMSerTech Corporate for an additional $35 per month.


What you'll get:

(Min.cost $75)
(Min.cost $115)
(Min.cost $425)
(Min.cost $3,025)
Included Messages
Additional messages
Set-up fee (once-off)
All prices in the table exclude GST.
  • Send TXT messages to multiple mobiles, emails or pagers anywhere and anytime
  • Prebook messages for delivery at a later date and time
  • Send flash messages
  • Send 1000 character messages as one long message instead of 7 short messages
  • Send international TXT messages
  • Send messages to email at no extra charge
  • Freedom to move up and down plans free of charge
  • Track usage online
Important information
  • If you cancel your service, this will take effect at the end of the billing month
  • Your monthly included SMS messages expire at the end of each month and do not roll over to the next month
  • SMS Flash Messages are charged as two messages
  • SMSerTech Corporate incurs an additional charge of $35 per month

Already with Vodafone Messaging?

Already with Vodafone Messaging?

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