The opportunity to travel is one of the best feelings in the world. With $5 Roaming you can now use your phone, Tablet or Mobile Broadband plan for $5 extra per day. We now have over 100 incredible countries in our roaming destinations, so there’s never been a better time to travel! Check out our top Instagram locations from our roaming destinations to spark those adventure ideas.


If you’re heading to Peru, Machu Picchu will already be on your list of locations to visit, but if you’ve got an eye for geometric shapes formed in nature, the Salt Ponds of Maras is an incredible sight to behold. The several hundred intricate terraces were once part of the sea floor but now sit 3,000 metres above sea level, which makes this destination even more impressive.

Salt pools maras

Salt pools, Maras, Peru.

South Korea

Travelling to South Korea and still a kid at heart? You have to head to Fairy Tale Village. Created as part of the government’s plan to revive dilapidated housing areas, the neighbourhood has been completely transformed into a fantasy world. Houses are castles, lamp posts are beanstalks and there are even mascots for selfies.


Cambodia’s Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh are well documented travel spots. If you are looking for something a little different, Phnom Sampeau is well known for beautiful views and the bat colony that escape out of the cliff face daily. On the ascent to the summit you will pass temples, statues and the entrance to the Killing Caves, which is definitely worth a visit to better understand the history of this country.


Khor Virap is a famous monastery found at the base of Mt. Ararat, 30km south of Yerevan. It’s a famous pilgrimage site not only for its history but also the jaw-dropping views of the landscape.

Armenia Khor Virap

Khor Virap, Armenia.


Labelled as Paraguay’s most spectacular natural wonder, Saltos del Monday, is a roaring series of waterfalls, towering 45m tall and 120m wide. Those who want to get a snap a little closer to the water can even choose to abseil down the face of the falls!


St Basil’s Cathedral is of course the most iconic Russian building, but unsurprisingly considering the size of the country, there are numerous Insta-worthy locations. One that you might not have heard of is Kizhi Island, located at the centre of Lake Onega. It is home to Kizhi Pogost, a historical site dating back to the 17th century, which was included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites in 1990.


Guatapé is an Andean resort town, east of Medellín. It has become known for the many houses decorated with beautiful vibrant colours. There is also, Piedra del Peñol, a giant granite rock outside of the town that has hundreds of steps to the summit (a sight to be seen in itself) but the views at the top offer sweeping panoramas of the landscape.


Situated on the Islas Marietas is one of Mexico’s most amazing natural wonders. Playa del Amor (Beach of Love), also known as the Hidden Beach, can be found inside the belly of a giant cave, cut open at the top, which allows the sunlight in. To access the cave you need to take an hour-long boat followed by a swim through a long tunnel but once you arrive, you’ll quickly agree that it’s well worth it.

Islas Marietas Playa del Amor

Playa del Amor, Islas Marietas, Mexico.


Liechtenstein measures just 160km2 but is a land of great beauty. Known for expansive alpine landscapes and medieval castles, you’d be silly not to tick one off your list. Gutenberg Castle can be found in the town of Balzers, sat on a hilltop. It can be explored from within as it is now a museum but some say the best shot of the castle is from afar. Another location of note is the Old Rhine Bridge, which was completed in 1901 and allows safe passage across the Rhine River into Switzerland.


Punta del Este is commonly compared to the glitzy cities of Southern France and for that reason sees a large influx of tourists in the summer months. One of the best Instagram spots is La Mano de Punta del Este, a sculpture of a semi-submerged hand, breaking through the sand’s surface.

Saudi Arabia

The Lonely Castle has enjoyed Instagram fame recently and for good reason. Found in Mada’in Saleh, Saudi Arabia’s first World Heritage Site, this desolate landscape is home to 131 monumental tombs carved into rock, each with differing ornate facades.

The Lonely Castle Saudi Arabia

The Lonely Castle, Saudi Arabia.


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